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As a lover of all things witchy, I can assist you in creating your own spells to take home and use in your own personal ritual or ceremony. By listening to your needs,

I can help to make your intentions clear in order to perform your own magick.

Candle in Hands

Candle Spell

Create your own Candle Spell to assist your  spiritual path. I will guide you through the  process so that the spell is full of your own intention. Personalised symbols are carved into the wax, then it is anointed and blessed with herbs, ready for you to take away and light in your own space.



£25 (20mins)

SelfCare Kit.jpg

Ritual Kit

Treat yourself to a personalised Ritual Kit! The content is designed according to specific needs and how they correspond with your personal Astrology chart. Each Ritual Kit will come with hand written instructions and at least 3 of the following:

Earth Medicine



Yoga Posture

Spell Jar




From £25

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