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Our hair is connected to our radiant body which gives us courage to face the world. By taking good care of our hair and scalp, we are also tending to our sense of self-esteem.

Wet Hair


Olaplex is a bond building technology which works on a molecular level to repair damaged and broken hair. It is highly recommended as an accompanying treatment to any colour service but can also be applied as a stand alone service.

With Colour - £25

Stand Alone - £45 (30mins)

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Detox, restore and rebalance with Natural Hair Products. Organic oils are massaged into the hair and given time to steam before an exfoliating scalp scrub and shampoo. Topped off with a luxurious conditioning hair masque and bespoke herbal shine.

£20 (20mins)

with protein repair - £25 (30mins)

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