Hair Ceremony

There are various times in our lives where we enter new chapters. I provide a space to honour these life phases in a conscious way by cleansing the past and creating a fresh new look for the journey ahead.

Creative energy is pure and when applied to the crown chakra - your barnet - this can feel very uplifting. Our hair or crown is sacred in many traditions and in yoga is connected to the radiant body. A strong radiant body will make you courageous in the face of any obstacle, helps you magnetically attract goodness and can literally make your aura shine.

A Hair Ceremony can be as simple or elaborate as you like. I will guide you inwards before I cut to help you make an intention of what you wish to release or bring in. Take a look at my menu for some ideas of what else can be included in your Ceremony. 

As a lover of Astrology, I can also help you choose an appointment time that corresponds with the phase of the moon or check when the planets are aligned with your personal birth chart.