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' A women who cuts
her hair is about to 
change her life.'

CoCo Chanel


It is common, and often unconscious, to change our hair when we enter a new life chapter. Like the moon, we constantly change. I provide a space to honour those changes. Ceremony and ritual is something humans thrive on. By introducing more love and conscious attention to the hair appointment, we can we bring more of it into our lives.

Whether simply detoxing from the previous few weeks or initiating into the next chapter, I work in a pure and spiritual way, from an intimate room in th eheart of Knightsbridge, to help you feel safe and held. We don't always have the luxury of time or money, so during your online consultation we can discuss a swift or slow service. All ceremonies are priced upon consultation.

Hair is connected to the radiant body. Having a strong radiant body will give you more courage to face life's challenges, magnetically attract goodness and happy hair will literally make you shine! If you would like to visit me at the Errol Douglas Salon, Knightsbridge, book your free consultation today!

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Why don't we celebrate more?

I love a good ritual, and will assist you in creating a ceremony for any
occasion, hence my "Rent-a-Witch" service! Available for Seasonal festivities, Bespoke Birthdays, Baby naming ceremonies and more...

Book a FREE online consultation to enquire.  
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