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Full Moon in Aquarius - Fun and Play

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Thursday 15th August 1:29pm GMT

There is some very magical love energy around this Full Moon. Aquarius rules friendships and community, and Leo is playful and confident so could be a beautifully social, creative and light hearted few days!

The Sun is exactly conjunct Venus at 22 degrees Leo, and asteroid Juno, Goddess of enchanting and transformative personal relationships, is close by too. Venus and Juno are like sister goddesses, both representing beauty, and our relationship dynamics, so there is potential for deepening our ability to love. Mars and Mercury are also in Leo right now, so not surprising if all we want to do is create and have fun.

There is an exact T-square to the Full Moon happening with asteroid Vesta at 22 degrees Taurus. Interestingly,

the master number, 22 is associated with the vibration of The Master Builder and Vesta is the Goddess of Fire and the keeper of the perpetual flame. She represents devotion and commitment to something beyond and larger than yourself. The tension of this T-square could be calling you to find harmony between your work and your play. There will be some of us that are totally hooked on social activity and some that could do with getting out a bit more and enjoying our relationships. Be honest with yourself, where are you on this scale?

As with any Full Moon, there is still opportunity for self enquiry. Aquarius is all about liberation and enlightenment. With its ruler Uranus having just turned retrograde in Taurus, we can use this Lunar spotlight as a chance to rebel against ourselves and break away from any illusions and self deception. This is a time for progressive thinking and creative breakthroughs. Aquarius can really give you those AHaaa moments. As we become more and more honest with ourselves, we get revelations in how we are creating our own reality, which can only lead to positive changes.

Although Aquarius represents the future of humanity, being in your own personal truth right NOW is how we really serve the whole. Some good questions to compliment all this love energy could be… How do I love myself? How do I love others? Am I giving myself willingly in relationships or through duty or guilt? How open am I to receive love?

I'm wishing everyone an exciting Full Moon. Be bold and accept that random invitation, come out of your comfort zone and push yourself towards the best possible version of yourself you can be.

Much love people and Blessed Be

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