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Full Moon in Libra - Time to Heal

Sunday 28th March 2021 - 19:48 (GMT)

The personal themes that we’ve been healing are getting a big boost over this Full Moon. Influencing energy of Chiron, the wounded healer is stacked up with Sun and Venus in Aries, all opposite the moon at exactly 8 degrees. This is not the sort of thing you get everyday. This moon carries powerful vibrations of love and compassion which will bring us into a stronger state of independence within our relationships. The number 8 is associated with personal power, self-confidence, strength, success and good judgement. All these things are symbolic of Venus in Aries who is ruling the Lunar activity. Aries is independent, strong and courageous and will help us come back to ourselves, breaking free from any co-dependent tendencies.

This is a real turning point where we can learn to do things differently. The balance of Moon in Libra will provide an objective and diplomatic approach when stepping into a new level of consciousness. Patterns of behaviour that stem from early life wounds (Chiron in Aries) can be corrected, and as our ego softens we develop a better, more accepting relationship with ourselves, which will also have a positive affect on all those around us. This spring we will see more than the trees and flowers blossom. We can watch as people begin to exit the shadows to show their many different colours. Mars in Gemini lends strength to our communication, while Saturn in Aquarius helps us get to grips with technology, refine our online offerings and see the practical results of our efforts. We are learning new ways of doing things and questioning everything. Can I mix that shamanic technique with a kundalini yoga posture? Why ever not! In the age of Aquarius the rule books are there to extend from. This Full Moon will bring a breath of fresh, feminine Air to the very competitive world of industry.

Be the leader of your own life. Be the one who chooses what’s best for you, and speak with graceful confidence so your words land with the blessing of your own truth. If you need to speak up in a relationship, this is your chance to communicate your needs. Any healing we activate now will lead to more secure bonds from here on. May the light of this magnificent moon wash away all your fears, so your vibrant spirit may appear. Blessed be! And a happy Full Moon.

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