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Full Moon in Sagittarius - Finally I See

Sunday 4th June 2023, 4:42am UK time

With the Lunar energy culminating in the fiery sign of Sagittarius, we can expect light to shine on the truth behind the situations in our lives. The Gemini/Sagittarius axis is one of learning, so we may discover the meaning behind why some things work, and some things don’t. Sagittarius invites us to take a higher perspective and learn about our own part in our personal drama. By observing from a higher vantage, we may notice karmic patterns from which we learn and grow.

This weekend could be full of a-ha moments, where the puzzle pieces come together. The final details of new, more feminine systems will come through in flashes of inspiration. Our left and right brain activity is coming in harmony, sharpening our intuition; and the great attractor (a giant vacuum in space) is bending time and space for us to understand the truth at quantum speed. Everyone has an intuitive function. Much like a muscle, we can build it.

The ruling planet of this Full Moon is Jupiter, who has firmly landed in the earthy sign of Taurus. This brings a very grounded and practical flavour to this full moon. Jupiter entered Taurus on 17th May, where it will stay, bringing growth and expansion to all Taurus themes until May 2024. Jupiter brings good fortune to the sign we have already been working on as a collective following the north node of the moon. Taurus themes, such as; material security, self-worth, stubbornness, relationship to nature, our sensuality, greed and patience will be getting blessed. Those who have been consciously working on this stuff may experience some leaps forward. Equally, those unconscious of their actions, will also experience expansion in their behaviour.

With our minds more psychic and Jupiter in Taurus, this is a great time to commune with nature. Sitting in stillness with nature, we can tune into the auric field of the plant kingdom and learn from their wisdom. If this is up your street, come join myself and Omam Dawn in North West London Sunday 4th 4pm for our first Tree Kirtan! Tree Kirtan involves being outside, singing mantras and meditating with tree spirits. We will be sitting with three native trees to learn more about their medicine and how it can help us on our own path. Here’s the link - . If you can’t make it to Tree Kirtan and you want to create your own Full Moon Ritual, here’s some ideas of things you could include:

Be Silly - Real laughter is a great energy amplifier. Add some fun and silliness to your spells and welcome more light.

Free Speech - Share your vision to those with an open mind and watch the potential of your idea grow.

Let Go - Look at where you are holding on too tight. Sagittarius energy needs freedom to explore. Possessiveness inhibits the ability to expand.

Swap Hands - If you usually do things like write with your right hand, become conscious of involving the left hand more in day to day tasks. This will stimulate your intuition and provide a bit of mind balancing.

Break Habits - Change your routine somehow. A different route to work, new cafe for lunch, wear your hair on a different side. Even the most simple changes as a form of exploration can help us learn more about ourselves.

Mediation for intuitive opportunity - Here is a great 2 part meditation to practice on this full moon

Wishing everyone a prosperous Full Moon in Sagittarius. May you find clarity in your vision and compassion for those who oppose it.

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