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Jealousy Deflector

It's perfectly normal to feel pangs of envy and jealousy, and many of us get very creative about ways we would like to see others suffer! Most of you will have been there. So without any judgement, I thought it would be nice to create a way to send that energy back for healing.

The trick is to become aware that if somebody is giving you jealous vibes that jealous energy is not yours. When you see that it is actually their struggle, you will feel your heart open and this is where the magic happens.

You will need:

Rosemary or any member of the Mint family. Gather fresh or dried herbs, or an essential oil of choice.

Water or witch hazel

Bowl or glass spray bottle.

Rose Quartz

Being a witch is an intuitive path, so open your space however feels right. Pick things for your alter that make you feel stronger, make it personal, to honour your uniqueness.

Find your stillness and bring to mind any people who you feel are sending you bad vibes. Let the judgements and emotional attachment fall away as you say the words "Love them, they know not what they do" as many times as you need to until you feel your heart open.

Pour the liquid in the glass bottle or bowl inviting the cleansing nature of water.

Call in the spirit of your herb and ask it bring warrior strength to break free and cleanse your aura. Then call the spirit of the Rose Quartz to help the energy of love return. Use your own words here, intention is everything.

Spray or sprinkle your circle, imagining the infused water breaking down any attachments and feel a clear fresh space emerge…

Using fresh herbs? Why not use them like an asperger to sprinkle.

Close down your space, ground yourself and give an offering to the plant and stone spirits. This can be a dance, a song, or you could leave a little something outside for local wildlife to enjoy.

I hope you enjoy this spell.

Blessed Be!

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