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New Moon in Aquarius - Motherly Love

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Friday 24th January 2020 9:42pm GMT

The energy of Aquarius is strong for this New Moon and will be carried through for the entire month. Aquarius has a social vibe and a humanitarian drive. This could be because it is a fixed Air Sign (outer space) and is able to see the world from a much broader perspective. When working in its higher vibration, it means we are able to consider what is best for ALL. 

Our personal projects can really flourish in this collaborative, outgoing energy. Its a great time to reach out to new clients, bond with our teams, groups and family.

Aquarius carries an essence of non-attachment. We can use this to moon to comfortably move into change by detaching from the past and from our normal well practised routines. These conscious projects we are building right now are beautiful offerings. In order to let creativity really flow we must make space, loosen up a bit, let go of the attachment to things being a certain way. There is magic in ALL our experiences. The more difficult experiences can move us up a level of consciousness big time! It is important to keep a healthy path between head, heart and body open and flowing in order to make sense of these openings. 

Venus is teaming up with Neptune giving a burst of physical and divine LOVE. Some super beautiful goddess energy to harmonise with the Aquarian open-mindedness. We can learn to be more accepting of others and their needs, the mother in us all is strong right now. Cutting ourselves free from any resentful attachment is vital for happy relationships, and a gift of release for any souls we are attached to in an unhealthy way. Forgiveness is something that takes a bit of commitment though, especially for the big stuff. Find the feeling in your body, turn up each day and say your prayers or mantras or whatever works for you until that feeling no longer exists.

The Uranus in Taurus effect will also be carried into the month ahead. It is intensified because Uranus rules Aquarius and because its forming a pretty tight square to the New Moon. We might see breakthroughs and new ways of thinking around finances. Taurus rules the material world, that includes our currency. Maybe the penny will finally drop (sorry!) that it is not actually money which is evil, and that it is just an energy which can work for either polarity. A healthy love and appreciation for money is very useful! We may find ourselves becoming less attached to material stuff, nothing like a good old clear out to make space in your life for new to come in. Another Taurus theme to watch out for is dramatic changes to your physical body and senses. I’ve noticed a number of people having totally random injuries. The Physical body is a miraculous thing, and will always show you where energy is stuck/stagnant. Uranus likes to shake things up a bit, so diets may need to change, and health scares may show up. It would be wise to harness the open-minded nature of Aquarius and look for the blessings in what we are shown. 

So plenty of opportunity for healing as usual, especially as Chiron is in aspect to the Moon as well. We could really learn a lot about ourselves and how we co-exist in the coming month. This is a good time to consider your own personal philosophies, are you living by them? In the age of Aquarius, people should be able to dance to their own tune if your know what I mean. There is no one size fits all, its free and changeable, and each individual is entitled to their own beliefs. The compassion offered by Venus/Neptune conjunction should help us to understand not everyone is gunna be up to speed with the shifts in consciousness and that all our journeys are different. Be mindful that Aquarius can sometimes have an air of righteousness. If we feel ourselves up on a high horse, lets remember that it is a defence, and cure it with some empathy.

I hope you all get a positive kick-start from this New Moon, but if it feels more like a head spin remind yourself, not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path. Be free to be, live and let live and any other peace motivating quote you can think of.

Much love and blessed be.

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