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New Moon in Capricorn - Growing up

Wednesday 13th January 2021 5am GMT

Welcome to the first New Moon of 2021! There will be some powerful Plutonian energy riding along with this cycle pushing us out of our comfort zones and into new territory. Pluto is the planet we look at in our charts to understand more about our soul path, so expect major evolutionary shifts to happen for humanity this year, whether that be through choice and action, or through devastation, it is all part of a greater plan.

The recent Full Moon in Cancer cleared out a whole load of emotional baggage to make space for more strength and potential. Difficult as it is to feel those heavier, painful emotions, if we can observe ourselves, remove blame and honour the flow, we come out the other side feeling much lighter and more free. Have you noticed how the universe has filled your free space? Do you feel ready to accept the new?

Capricorn is a very grounded and practical sign and it’s sober energy is well needed at this time to stabilise the more volatile activity, already being seen on the world stage. It's totally bonkers out there! Capricorn is patient and determined, it will help us to prioritise and take action to support causes closest to our hearts. Put your practical, Capricorn hat on and create some structure to your day, don’t miss opportunities for your soul to grow. Planning in advance also makes you responsible for factoring in down time so that you can power into the new year without burning out.

We have just seen Mars finally move out of Aries and into Taurus. It was a VERY long stint of Mars in his own sign and it gave us a lot of insight into how the Aries energy works. When Aries is heightened it can be impetuous and impressionable, aggressive and impulsive. This was exacerbated by the insanity of our corrupted media and the massive divide of viewpoints. We must learn to let go of righteousness if we want to fix anything, and accept that everyone is at their own evolutionary stage. Mars is now in the much slower sign of Taurus, however, it is coming up to meet Uranus, the planet of revolution, invention, innovation, and change, and will be challenging a line up of planets in Aquarius. Sparks may fly as Mars is an activating energy and Uranus is extremely unpredictable.

On a personal level, Uranus is also turning direct making its effects stronger. What house does Taurus rule in your chart? What planets do you have in Taurus? Knowing this will show you what areas of your life are ready for revolution. We have only just started seeing the effects of Uranus in Taurus on a collective level, he is staying there until 2026. Taurus reigns over our values, money, and resources. It’s also ruled by Venus, planet of love and beauty, so although this is the sort of placement for natural disasters, on a lighter note, it could also spark new choices in how we care for our beautiful planet, our bodies and our income.

Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury are all stacked up in the early degrees of Aquarius and triggering Uranus, meaning we may have to apply some restraint when communicating and take time to consider what we share online. Technology, love it or hate it, now plays a big part in our lives. It is clearly a form of surveillance, and we may need to get a bit more serious about our relationship with it. Its good to move with the times, but do check in with yourself about how it's impacting your life. Saturn, our great teacher, also relates to the past and is showing us not to forget the basic science we already know! Facts of nature and golden biological rules still exist, and we mustn't forget the wonder of healthy immune systems. Remedy can mostly be found in nature or by moving our physical bodies.

Well, I hope that has given you something to think about. Challenge always pushes us to grow, so 2020 will have boosted many souls. Can you see how much your priorities have changed? Set your intentions for this New Moon from the stronger version you have become. What will you let go of in order to evolve? What new skills await you? Dream big people, and please include our beautiful planet in your prayers.

Blessed be.

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