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New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius - Bold New Steps

Monday 14th December 2020 - 4:17pm GMT

For anyone who follows astrology, you'll be seeing a lot of excitement in anticipation for this Eclipse. It has that big climax feeling. Knowledge and truths gained from the past (south Node), are helping us make inspired closures in order to carry the wisdom into new directions. Sun, moon and mercury are piled up in Sagittarius very close to the galactic centre which makes this a super connected time to climb to be climbing the karmic ladder.

The reason we’re closing chapters in our lives is because there are many planetary cycles completing at this time. Endings are always followed by beginnings, but we must not forget the grief which accompanies change. Moon and Eclipse cycles complete, also Jupiter and Saturn finish their 20 year dance called ‘The Great Conjunction’, right at the end of Capricorn! AND, Venus leaves Scorpio in the following week. That’s a lot of change! The Great Conjunction happens every 20 years, this time on Solstice at exactly zero degrees of Aquarius. How about that as proper farewell to the age of Pisces? Symbolic of Aquarius, this period of time will show progressive restructuring of society and community. The conjunction of our biggest, social planets has been happening in Earth signs for the last 200 years, so another cycle ends as they enter Air signs for 200 years. The mixture of expansion and restriction that Jupiter/Saturn supply is paramount to create strong, new, care systems. Projects and ideas to do with community, technology, science and even astrology will be getting the go ahead from this magical alignment. In my opinion, coming together if far more important than keeping distance.

Sagittarius and Gemini are have a common thread of learning, but keep tuned in for those lessons because the psychic medium, Neptune, a driving force behind this eclipse. Squaring the nodes, Neptune opens a portal for spirits/ancestors to connect. Using the New Moon ceremony to listen to the guidance feels like a good thing to do. I like to vision with the Scots Pine, or Silver Fir, preferably alive! You can now rent a potted tree for christmas which would be a lovely way to reconnect with the ancient ones. In the Ogham, Ailm (Scots Pine) helps us to see from a greater vantage point, like Sagittarius. With this eclipse happening on the South Node, what would you say to your past self with the wisdom you have now?

Saturn and Jupiter at the critical degrees of Capricorn, bringing an awareness to what have we learnt in this sign. Capricorn builds stuff. How was it having ruling planet Saturn make this transit over the last couple of years? If you have personal planets in Capricorn you would have definitely got a great boost in business, despite any locking-down. What has Saturn been getting us to prioritise? The golden opportunities will be down to Jupiter. This crescendo of energy will be helping to push us further onto our soul path, where would you like to land? Make some time to consider how much you have grown and offer a gratitude prayer with this moon.

No climax is complete without a nice little boost sexual desire. Thankfully Mars, who is now moving Direct will be giving us a nice burst of heat to boost our sex drives. Mars retrograde can make us park our libido, but its back baby, and working really well with Mercury on this New Moon to help us have more open conversations with our lovers about what we like and don’t like. Mars will be completely out of the shadows at the start of January.

Sometimes we have to look at ourselves and say “I can do this”. This is a good formula if we’re to move into change feeling qualified and confident. What assets have you or can you discover about yourself? How helpful are they for any new projects? Affirm your assets! Wherever you are in your journey, give yourself a pat on the back and bring a big bit of positivitity into this exciting new chapter. When divine orchestration is so perfect, I find it impossible to see anything but beauty in life.

Many blessings to you all as you shed the old and bring in the new, may the light of your soul carry you through. Blessed be!

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