Spells  & Magick

Hair & Beauty Potions

I have created a small range of self care spells with all natural and organic ingredients. They all come beautifully packaged with ritual guidance and make the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love 

SelfCare Kit.jpg

Home Cleansing

Energy cleansing can change a space from feeling heavy or unpleasant, to light and clear. I have created a simple home cleansing kit with instructions on how to crystal grid your home and energetically cleanse yourself. 

home cleanse.jpg

Ritual Kits

There is so much power in nature and ancient symbols. I provide bespoke ritual kits containing all you need to make your own spell jar and candle magic. Contact me to order yours!

Ritual kit.jpg

Tree Medicines

Trees have powerful vibrational essence that's been long forgotten by us humans. I have been learning from and connecting with trees for the past 4 years, soon I will present a beautiful collection of energetically charged wands, incense and aura sprays to offer you all. Watch this space!

hair wands.jpg