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' There is no better boat than a horoscope to help man cross the sea of life.'


Feel at a crossroads in your life?

I offer 1-1 spiritual guidance sessions online using Astrology, Celtic Ogham and Deep Listening. For interest in Astrology, a Soul Path Reading is the best place to start. Drop me a line, or book a free discovery call to
discuss your options.


Ruth Cava.jpg

February 17, 2019

I recently had a wonderful astrology chat with Jaclyn at a time when my life is uprooting and every thing seems to be a mist of confusion. She is one of the dearest hearts and warmest smiles to connect with. I am so grateful for her time and expertise. I love astrology and this reading with Jaclyn remarkably centred me, calmed me, and helped me realign and remember parts of my self that I am so grateful to be reminded of.
I believe that through astrology or tarot or the like, it is necessary to make space in our lives to focus on the self. Because then we have more to give, right? Jalycn has a natural talent to truly listen. I felt she was interpreting the divine or the mystery speaking through my chart and also through me. I felt witnessed and celebrated. I wholeheartedly recommend her insightful wisdoms.


Ruth Cava


February 27,, 2020

SO grateful jaclyn & i connected and crossed paths!!! I’ve been into astrology for most of my life and know quite a bit about my chart but was looking to connect a few dots. she really helped me find some acceptance in some things that were revealed to me. i’ve come to learn that i’m a psychic & healer and meant to embrace these gifts but had resisted them for so long!! she gave me a great sense of clarity regarding my saturn return and the things being revealed to me the last few years and even presently. i gained great insight on my north node which i’ve been trying to decipher more. now I know I’m meant to incorporate healing & my psychic gifts and help people to heal on a deep & emotional level. having this insight has helped me feel so at peace and know that i’m on the right path. the next 1-3 years will be pivotal when it comes to stepping into my souls purpose. Jaclyn is so personal & sweet and down to earth and really made everything easy to decipher and comprehend. I would highly recommend anyone to get a birth chart reading or astrology reading done with Jaclyn - she definitely has a natural gift that can help so many people when it comes to their souls journey. you won’t regret it!


Lauren Margaret


April 10, 2020

Jaclyn provided a warm welcome, she explained a little about her intuitive approach (as someone that reads tarot I very much apprechaite this over reading from a script). I felt relaxed and engaged. My chart was shared on my screen and my report began... Jaclyn explained sooooo much in an easy to understand and natural way, she flowed and you could tell she has a passion for this. Everything she said rang true, lots of the water element showing lots of emotion (no surprise there then heheheh). The number 6 was very present, balance between worlds was strong and communication of both part of my soul purpose. I am in a transition phase from me to we which is soooo true, I'm on my path I just need to continue leveling up, learning and I'll get to exactly where I'm meant to be. This is a fraction of what was delivered, I very much enjoyed and was worth every penny 


Bridget Ashborn


January 16, 2020

I had an astrology session yesterday with the lovely Jaclyn and it was such a great experience. I got so much from our session - honestly, more than I expected and literally exactly what I didn't know I needed. Highly recommend - make an investment in yourself and thank you again Jaclyn!

Vikki Louise


March 8, 2020

I had an astrology reading with Jaclyn and it was so beneficial for me to hear what she had to say. She was spot on with my personal unique gifts and the challenges I was going through, she described them perfectly. Although I was aware of them, having Jaclyn give me more clarity and guidance made such a difference for me and allowed me to bring more focus into my life. I would definitely recommend an astrology reading to anyone who is looking for more clarity on their path and/or would like to get guidance on their unique gifts.


Annelle Machj

Claire Huss.jpg

April 10, 2020

Having a reading with Jaclyn was a really collaborative experience and very different to any reading I’ve had before. It felt like having a conversation with a friend I’ve known for ages, giving advice, but this advice was flavoured with astrology and the planetary energies that are currently influencing me. Jaclyn was able to break down the ‘characters’ of each planet in a way that made them very readily understandable and relatable.
She was able to confirm what I already knew, which I know she would say is the Neptune influence kicking in
She’s incredibly personable, highly knowledgable and a pleasure to collaborate with.
Thank you Jaclyn xxx


Claire Husselbee

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