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The Scots Pine/Fir Tree

Such a noble tree and one that most people recognise because of its distinctive cones and connection to the festival of Christmas. The Scots Pine comes under Ailm in the Ogham Alphabet and interestingly its rune is much the same as the Christian cross.

Ailm Medicines include:

  • Hope

  • Perspective

  • Seeing the bigger picture

  • Connection to spirit

  • Gratitude

I have visited the Pine tree many times over the last few years and it's the first place I go when i'm experiencing overwhelm and confusion. This tree has a calming energy and helps us find a place where we are open to receive the answers we seek. Being the tallest tree on the mountain, it encourages us to look at things from a wider perspective, this can make our concerns seem small comparatively and bring back a sense of peace and hope to our hearts. Because this medicine is about broader perspective, I relate it to the energy of Sagittarius, Jupiter and the 6th Chakra (Third Eye).

In ancient times when trees were an important part of society, the Scots Pine marked the turning of the wheel after Winter Solstice. People would bring a log of its wood (known as a Yule Log) into their homes and burn it on the fire. As its fragrant smoke filled the home, prayers would be made for protection of the family and livestock during the cold spell. Over time traditions have changed, but the Fir tree is still what we bring into the home and decorate at this time of year, as we sing and praise for good tidings.

Just as the tops of their branches grow to great heights, as do their roots sink deep, and I get a great sense of spirit running through everything when I sit with this tree, The medicine of being able to see the bigger picture extends out beyond our individual experience and gives us a stronger understanding of the life force energy in every living thing. It deepens our sense of spirituality as we feel the vibrations of nature echo through the land, and with it comes a deep sense of gratitude knowing that we are one with something far greater and totally connected.

Pine cones are like magical gifts that bring joy to all that find them. The way they open in a spiral reminds me that even though we can feel a greater spiritual connection with this tree, we will never fully understand the great mystery of life. Decorating these charming jewels of nature can be a great way to meditate and clear your mind as you focus on how it grows and opens.

Blessed Be!

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