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The Hawthorn Tree

The beautiful Hawthorn, also known as Huath in the Ogham. She is also known as the May Queen who partners with Oak King at Beltane in the Celtic wheel of the year.

Huath Medicine Includes:

  • Self Worth

  • Heart Healing

  • Motherhood

  • Self Image

  • Moving through Challenge

  • Blood Flow

I have spent a lot of time with the Hawthorn during my healing journey. Her energy is not only protective and empowering, it is full of magic and wisdom. Like many women I have suffered with sexual trauma over the years and the Hawthorn brought this to the light for me. She taught me how to honour myself as a woman and command more respect.

On my journey with this powerful teacher, I discovered repeating patterns in my feminine bloodline and was able to love and appreciate my mother on a much deeper level. The relationship between mothers and babies is full of sacrifice and can play very heavy on the heart. The Hawthorn can ease any heartache around motherhood in all fashions.

Herbally, Hawthorn is excellent for all heart related issues. Her berries, leaves and bark all have sedative qualities and can regulate conditions such as high blood pressure and anxiety. Making a tea from dried berries and leaves is a good way to receive her medicine.

Over the lockdown of 2020 I started to create some potions for self love using Hawthorn blossom tincture. Her flowers can help to heal facial blemishes and improve one's sense of self worth. I made a facial wash and an elixir both containing her medicine which I sell individually or as part of a set (potions for self love - contains face wash, elixir and hair oil). All products can be ordered via my website.


ELIXIR - Jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, hawthorn tincture, neroil and geranium essential oils.

100ml - £22

FACE WASH - Organic castille soap, rose water, hawthorn tincture, jojoba oil, neroli and geranium essential oils.

150ml - £16

POTIONS FOR SELF LOVE - 3 x 20ml bottles £25

For hair spells, check out my other blog.

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