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Why Hairdressers are healers

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

When I was around 8 years old, I was asked to be a bridesmaid for a distant relative. Although I was very excited to wear a pretty dress, I was also a very shy child and didn’t know any of the wedding party. On the big day we were all taken to the hairdressing salon to get ready. My dead straight hair just wouldn’t take a curl and I remember how the stylist eased my nerves as she made light of my disobedient locks. After the ceremony and photographs, we all made our way to celebrate at the church hall. The hairdresser arrived with her friend and smiled broadly as she saw me. I will never forget how her kindness made me feel. She made me feel welcome, even amongst my own relatives. Her lightness and warmth was so comforting and uplifted my mood. When reflecting about this experience I realised what a special quality most hairdressers have. They have a beautiful mix of creativity, humour and compassion. These aspects of the divine feminine are something we need more of in life to come into a more harmonious balance.

Like all industries, hairdressing became greedy and competitive and the energy transferred to clients reflected this. For many people, going to the hairdresser is now as dreadful as to a visit to the dentist. When we touch someone, we transfer energy, so if your stylist is under too much pressure, they could be supplying you with some added stress. Equally, if your stylist is grounded, calm and taking care in what they do, they are providing you with tender healing. As the world changes I can see many heart centred salon owners moving to more sustainable ways of working. New ethical product ranges are sweeping the market and this means only one thing... the rise of the holistic hairdresser.

I had to leave the super fast paced salon behind as it didn’t feel right for me, and now offer a relaxed service which is more conscious and intention based. I love empowering people and I bring that to my work, but I also feel called to help hair and beauty therapists who are highly sensitive like me understand their capabilities of healing and learn how to make the most of their gifts.

Over the next six months I will be creating a ‘foundations for the working witch’ course which will be designed to help people weave more intention and magic into their service, or simply explore a more spiritual calling. In the course I will share my best tips on energy cleansing and protecting your boundaries. Healers tend to want to please, and this can lead to burn out until we learn to build healthy boundaries into our service. Having boundaries leads to increased strength and confidence, which in turn invites more trust and allows intuition to flow more easily. If this is something that interests you, follow @hair_priestess and sign up to my mailing list to receive any early bird offers. The hair and beauty world is about to get flooded with kindness, and I can’t wait to watch this incredible industry bring people back together again.

Blessed Be To All!

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