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Biodynamic Hair Care

By Jaclyn Smith on 7th April 2021

If biodynamic farmers have seen that the rhythms and cycles of nature influence the growth and development of plants, why shouldn’t these principles work for our hair?

Although many hair types are similar, we should also be taking into consideration the health of our body, mind and energy systems, to observe ourselves as an integrated, whole, living organism.

Biodynamic hair care invites us to develop a conscious and creative conversation with the human part of nature. By observing, sensing, and listening to our bodies, we develop an intimate relationship with ourselves which expands our capacities for perception, reflection, and imagination. Biodynamics is not a fixed recipe or prescription, it requires regular tuning in with our body and our energy. It helps us to cultivate more awareness and strengthens our ability to respond holistically and creatively to our needs.

Applying biodynamic principles means understanding and engaging with the seasons and the phases of the moon. Below are examples of how we can translate Lunar phases to how we maintain our hair:

New Moon - 0-3.5 days - Check in with yourself. Analyse your hair and plan appointments or rituals. What do you want to accomplish? What do you want more of? Intention setting ceremony.

Waxing Crescent - 3.5-7 days - Energy increasing. Feed hair with moisture and protein. Spells and cuts for more growth.

First Quarter - 7-10.5 days - Sun and Moon square creating tension, but also balance. Good time for change, if aligned with personal planets. Strengthening hair treatments. Opportunity for change. Sharp and precise cuts on long hair.

Waxing Gibbous - 10.5-14 days - Energy increasing. More light. Spells and cuts for more growth. Achieve higher levels of colour lift.

Full Moon - 14-17.5 days - Culmination, Manifestation, Ceremony and Celebration. Water and emotion high. Acknowledge feelings. Letting go rituals. Be held. Celebrate with a big change!

Disseminating Gibbous - 17.5-21 days - Decreasing energy. Cleansing rituals and colour removing. Binding or banishing spells. Good time to cut curls and encourage them to bounce back.

Last Quarter - 21-24.5 days - Sun and Moon square creating tension, but also balance. Absorbing energy good for covering grey roots. Good time for breaking free and creating short hair cuts.

Balsamic Crescent - 24.5 - 28 days - Dark phase. Meditation. Divination. Cover hair for deeper introspection. Good time for darker hair colour shades.

Biodynamic hair care is a conscious and responsible way of looking after yourself. By using gentle, organic and vegan products we can support hair health while also respecting nature. More awareness and ritual contributes generously to the ecological, economic, social, and spiritual vitality of surrounding community, and the whole living Earth. Through biodynamics, we can access new capacities of care and healing for ourselves and the planet.

I encourage ritual as a means of taking time out from busy schedules to create dedicated space to nourish both our hair and our well-being, If you would like to book a hair ceremony get in touch here, or if you are a hair therapist and want to weave more conscious intention into your service follow @hair_priestess for regular tips and info about my upcoming Working Witch program.

Blessed Be!

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