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Touch is vital to our health and happiness.

Therapeutic massage will ease tension from both the mind and the body.

Add some healing to your hair appointment by choosing from the therapies below.


A Facial detox is a gentle face massage using Rose Quartz crystal and organic Facial Elixir. This soothing treatment works with your lymphatic system to encourage detoxification and rejuvenate skin.


Prepared herbs are placed on specific areas of the head to help harmonise the upper chakras.


£25 (30mins)

Facial Detox

Feet at spa pedicure procedure

By pressing on specific zones of the feet or hands, Reflexology helps to increase the flow of energy in your body. The movement of energy in your body has a positive effect on internal organs, making you feel better.

Feet or hands are bathed in beautiful, handmade copper bowls before the treatment to assist the healing process and spiritual growth.



£25 (30mins)


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