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Full Moon in Aquarius - Soul Retrieval 

Monday 3rd August 2020 4:59pm GMT

Freedom loving Aquarius is home for this Full Moon and the Aquarian effect is made even stronger by a tight T-Square to ruling planet Uranus. Aquarius/Uranus energy likes to colour outside the lines. It gets us to think in a more revolutionary way. It’s inventive, courageous, and strives for freedom and change. So expect to evolve somewhat.  

Things have been pretty tense over recent weeks. This is due to challenging aspects happening between Mars, Mercury and Pluto. Mars and Pluto both have a forceful vibe, and being in the signs of Aries (The Ram) and Capricorn (The Goat), theres been a want to lock horns. Everyone wants control, whether that be it over others or to take it back for themselves. Its not over yet! The power struggle continues as Mars comes into an exact square with Pluto later this month, then Saturn, then he will do it all over again when going retrograde in September. Ooh wee! It can be very easy to get hot tempered about things with so much chaos in the world. We must remember that things can always ‘backfire’, and take care of how we direct our rage. 

Mercury opposes Saturn on the Full Moon, this could be useful if we are open. It could help us apply some discipline when expressing our feelings so that we can articulate our needs with strength and clarity.  

It was a really long and watery Cancer season this year with a whopping 3 eclipses and Mercury retrograde in there too. Where has that brought us now? Are we feeling more able to express our feelings? Or more aware of our struggles with that? Are we feeling refreshed after such a big wave of emotion? Or are we still feeling bit wet? Feminine energy has been put in the shadows for a long time, but its rising up now to face this strong masculine power struggle. This means the softer more receptive side of our nature is being acknowledged and given more respect. Moving with the cycles of nature it a great way to stay in tune with our feminine side and as this Full Moon happens at the time of Lammas in the wheel of the year, reflecting on how far we have come, what we have gained would be good so we can give thanks for the richness of life.

Everyone will be facing their own personal karma at this time. Challenges may be frustrating but if perceived as an evolutionary test, we can use them as steps on a fortuitous ladder. The Full Moon is working in harmony with Chiron, the gifted healer. With some courage and acceptance we may recover some energy, enthusiasm or innocence that has been lost. Soul retrieval helps us to heal childhood hurts and journey to our original nature. Once we are no longer fragmented, we become one with creation. Once we have healed, we no longer need to dwell on the pain. Relationships play a big part in uncovering our wounds. Do you compromise what you truly believe to be loved or accepted by someone? Think back over your life and find times when this has happened. See the loops and patterns, call it out and vow never to compromise your integrity again. 

The energy of Aquarius and Uranus can be sharp like the sword. If used wisely it can cut energetic cords from the past or sever toxic relationships. Use it with anger and it will cause harm. Practice cooling your inner fire before letting rip. When you feel certain about what you want, use the sharpness of the sword with impeccable intention to release yourself from drama and be free. 

Have a beautiful Lammas Full Moon! Feast, celebrate and find lots to be grateful for.

Blessed Be!

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