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New moon in Virgo - Satallite of Love

Friday 15th September 2023 - 2:40am UK time

The New Moon in Virgo is activating highly transformative forces through the influence of the outer planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. We may experience great changes in thought patterns, levels of consciousness, lifestyle and self-expression. This is the ideal time to be flexible and remain open to new ideas and be free to explore new unexpected possibilities.

As with any planet, and any zodiac sign, both higher and lower frequencies can operate. So where one person may be experiencing the higher vibration of Neptune, another my be caught up in the a more dense, unconscious version. So be mindful that the awakening you are getting, isn’t necessarily happening for everyone. What goes up, must come down. Here is a brief look at how these energies could manifest (if you are experiencing all the lower vibrations, it’s probably time to do some self healing):

Uranus - High vibes - Inventive & liberating - Low vibes - Shocking & erratic

Neptune - High vibes - Compassionate & inspired - Low vibes - Overwhelmed & in denial

Pluto - High vibes - Power & transformation - Low vibes - Intensity & destruction

Virgo is the sign of logic, refinement and focus on details. It can be very healing at this time to be discriminating, but not critical. With so many planets in retrograde, utilise this month for chores - tidy things up, get organised, schedule that health checkup and fitness routine. Attend to the details regarding your projects and practice humility when listening to others.

By preparing our vessel with a clean diet, regular meditation and daily exercise, it is easier to receive instruction from the celestial transmitters. If you have been in a rut and searching for a way forward, then this phase comes as a welcome relief. New friendships, associations, groups, business associates or projects are likely to arrive during this month. This can be a very rewarding period, as long as you are able to go with the flow.

Virgo is all about reality. It helps us to discriminate the true motive of people and the truth of situations. As we learn to see the truth, it becomes clear which habits, projects and people to let go while retaining the gems in our life. Develop and trust your intuition, ponder your feelings and options, but be mindful of making hard and fast decisions.

Wishing everyone a grounded shift in consciousness. May the doors of opportunity be open for you.

Blessed be!

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