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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra - True You

Saturday 14th October 2023 - 6:55pm UK time

Eclipse energy is wild and unpredictable, it puts things in motion to force evolutionary steps. This is not only a very powerful turning point in our lives, but also, due to the influence of Mercury, a very mindful and logical period of change.

Have you been feeling the shifts? Eclipses deal with deep transformation on both conscious and unconscious levels. When they happen on the south node of the moon, this is a time best spent clearing out the old, so we can welcome and initiate something new. This solar eclipse is happening in the sign of Libra which concerns our relationships; romantic, platonic and business. We may find ourselves pulling away from certain connections that no longer feel aligned with our personal values. Those who observe themselves will see where they are inauthentic; either acting from adopted examples of ‘how to do’ relationship or in a desperate attempt to feel loved and accepted. Now is a great time to clean up any past themes in the realm of relationship in order for more soul growth. This is a major healing opportunity.

All relationships have their tricky emotional moments. There are times when miscommunications occur or needs clash. The key is navigating these moments with patience, understanding and compassion. Assess whether or not you are truly embracing your own needs and if not, what to do about this situation. Communications need to be gentle and loving for a resolution to be found. Luckily Mercury in Libra is activated by this eclipse which will help to give us the ability to listen as well as express ourselves with clarity.

When we store hurt feelings in our hearts and minds then we also tend to harbour them in our body. This can lead to physical illness, minor or major. Letting go of past hurts, coming to terms with sad memories and making peace with sour feelings are the lessons right now. The end result will be a feeling of comfort and tranquility.

If it’s reached that time to say goodbye to someone or something in your life, this can feel very painful, and it is important to allow space to grieve. However, in time positivity will emerge as we close one door and another will open.

The ruling planet of this New Moon is Venus, who is now in practical Virgo and opposing serious Saturn, giving us a good dose of reality! Observe the fantasies, illusions and ideals you have about relationships and money, get into Virgo, and filter out the bullshit. In some ways, this energy could feel a bit heavy, but it’s essential for us to understand where our loyalty is best directed so that we can honour the life we really want to lead. This is a good time to make some informed decisions about your finances and plan carefully before splashing out. A practical approach to both love and money is required to ease the tension. Take a bit of time to ponder your options.

The prospects for personal healing are amplified over this spell by opposing Chiron in Aries. In the natal birthchart, the placement of Chiron will show us where we have experienced trauma. In the sign of Aries, Chiron relates to a wounding of the personal indentity. This is a great time to tune into who we are and where we have been acting out of integrity to be accepted by others. Chiron in Aries wants us to say and believe “I deserve to exist, and I deserve to be honoured and respected purely for what I am - not what I’ve done, what I own, or how I look.” Dedicate some time for self love, self healing, and owning your truth.

Ways to navigate this eclipse season:

Stay grounded - lots of sudden shifts and drama in the world can feel unsettling. Practice grounding techniques like present moment awareness so as not to get caught in the whirlwind.

Acknowledge your passion - what do you really desire? Get honest with yourself and express it. Anything is possible once you tune into your truth.

Apply some discipline - discipline manifests the best in us. When we listen to our inner fire without pride or fear of failure we can achieve extraordinary things.

Wishing a warm welcome to everyone’s warrior within.

Blessed be!

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