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Full Moon in Aries - Shine Brightly

Friday 29th September 2023 - 10:57am UK time

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It is where the journey begins and relates to all things new, fresh and individual. This is a really powerful time to connect with your own desires. Are you living someone else’s dream? The energy surrounding the Full Moon can help you to get brave and begin to walk your talk. Things are now starting to move forward after an intensely alchemical summer (or winter in southern hemisphere) of retrograde, introspection and transformation.

Effort builds energy. So if you have been applying effort towards reaching your desires, things will really start to unfurl now. The more effort, the bigger the transformation. If you’ve been sitting back, waiting for things to happen, the Aries energy might feel a little frustrating, and zero effort may result in unplanned changes.

Whenever we have a negative experience, there is always a positive to be found too, it’s just hard to see the positive when we are still suffering from the negative! Given time, people often look back and think, “Thank god I lost that job!” or “That broken leg was the best thing that happened to me.” Dramatic and sudden events are the universe shifting things for us. If you haven’t noticed by now, things need to change. Systems are outdated and broken on both inner, and outer levels. Whatever has been keeping us small or scared, or acting from our unconscious, is needing to move.

The main point of incarnating on Earth is to expand our consciousness and evolve. Around seventy percent of humanity is still at a level of consciousness which needs to be directed. They are newer souls to this game of life. Unfortunately, theses folk are currently being manipulated by powers who gain from their lack of self awareness. However, as consciousness expands, people begin to individuate and see the reality. In Aries we muster the courage to be independent. This is a powerful Full Moon for brave new visionaries breaking the mould of old fashion traditions. Cardinal fire is creative, pioneering and fearless. Trust your bursts of inspiration if they are aligned with your purpose.

Although this Full Moon is not an eclipse, the Aries/Libra axis is where upcoming eclipses will be happening. With the north node in Aries, we will all be going through an individuation process of some kind. Look to what house Aries rules in your chart for a deeper understanding where you are personally evolving.

The south node in Libra is asking us to leave behind co-dependant tendencies and subservient mechanisms. We can actually clean up our relationships by focusing a bit more on ourselves. The more we honour our own needs, the less conditions we put on our loved ones, and the more harmonious and fun our relationships can be. It is of course important to always remain aware of our relationships, and make sure we are not hurting the ones we love as we charge off towards our desires. Practice balance.

If you feel inspired to create your own moon ritual, here are some ideas of things you can add:

Yellow - Decorate your alter with yellow colours to welcome the positive attributes of fire.

Navel Chakra - This is the place of action, willpower and commitment. Practice exercises to strengthen this chakra.

Divine Flame - Our heart space is the centre of consciousness and place of the divine flame. Use long deep breathing to expand your lung capacity and draw energy into your heart. Feed the inner flame.

Retrograde Review - We are now is the post shadow phase of both Mercury and Venus retrograde. This is a great time to look back over these spells and acknowledge any lessons you have learnt.

Warm Your Home - Take a look around you, does your home reflect warmth? Add warm energy to your home with candles, cosy pillows, fresh flowers. By warming up your environment, you clear negativity and your inner world responds positively.

If anyone would like to get a more personal reading for this Full Moon, you can book an Online Clarity Call with me via my website. In these sessions I use the Astrology chart and ancient tree symbols to gain insight into your current situation.

May your inner flame burn brightly and guide your way to joyous days.

Blessed be!


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