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Full Moon in Aries

Sunday 9th October 2022 - 9:55pm BST

Aries is an initiating energy, cardinal fire, which makes this Full Moon full of life. It is happening in close relation to the asteroid Chiron, also known as the wounded healer, which will be shining light on our healing journey and how far we have come.

Aries is independent, individual and relates to me and mine. On the other side of the zodiac, where the Sun sits at a Full Moon, we have the sign of Libra. Libra is more about we and us. This is calling us to address issues of fairness and look at where we may be focusing so hard on our own recovery that we are forgetting to support the ones we love. Equally, it could be showing us where we have been overly self-sacrificing, and need to pay a little more attention to our personal healing.

All in all, it is a great time to acknowledge how far we have come and celebrate the battles won. Full Moon can be a time of clarity and vision for those who wish to look inwards. There is excellent support from other planetary energies right now to help us think things through in a practical manner. Ideas and intentions planted at the previous New Moon are in motion, and vision concerning our direction and purpose can be easily accessed through the art of meditation and conscious living.

Mercury is now in its post shadow phase, meaning we get a second chance to communicate things which have been on our mind. Be mindful of the Aries warrior and remember the sharing qualities of Venus. Communication is a two way process. Listen well and in turn you will be heard.

Understanding more about your personal Chiron can help a great deal in with life challenges. It will help you to uncover that which you have been rejecting in yourself. Suffering is present in everyone's life, but relating to it with wisdom and compassion can turn poison into medicine. If this is something which raises your interest, get in touch via my contact page.

Things to do on this Full Moon!

Fire Ritual - Sitting with a fire or a candle flame can promote spiritual healing. Create your space and invite the spirits of fire to cleanse, energise or advise you, depending on what you need most at this Full Moon. Or maybe you need all of the above? That's fine too. Be sure to give thanks and a little offering when you are done.

Acknowledge New Growth - Can you see how far you have come? Give a little praise for that which you have accomplished lately. The areas of life which are opening up for you will be providing inspiration for your next New Moon intentions - which happens to be an Eclipse! Powerful time to tune into where your energy is best spent.

Be Spontaneous - Do something fun!! The spiritual path isn't just sitting in lotus pose looking at yourself. We are here to live and experience life, so why not try something new.

Balance 3rd Chakra - This is our fire centre. Place of action, willpower and commitment. It relates to our sense of self-discipline, focus and ability to change. When unbalanced it can create low self-esteem, desire for control, obsession with detail, lack of direction, insensitivity and negativity. Meditate on this energy centre. Do you have excess or lack fire?

Act of Kindness - take a break from focusing on yourself and do something nice for someone else. This should feel easy due to the loving energy of Venus vibrating strongly in the sign of Libra right now.

Those living in the UK, Moonrise on Sunday is just after Sunset and the weather forecast is looking good for viewing her! Wishing everyone an energising Full Moon, may you be guided by her gracious light.

Blessed be!

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