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Full Moon in Cancer - Reflect and Review

Friday 6th January 2023 - 23:08 (uk time)

Every Full Moon opens a window for reflection, however this particular Moon has huge potential for transformational insight. Cancer is the home sign for the moon, and is the place of instincts, memories, emotions and responses. Mercury retrograde and Sun in Capricorn are opposing the Moon, gifting us a valuable opportunity to realistically assess our lives, and how we are engaging with the world.

When the Moon is in Cancer we want to be cosy, and with the addition of retrograde action, this is a time to go slow. The insights we receive will need time to digest and process. Reminders of the past can conjure gloomy and heavy feelings. We must meet these feelings with tolerance, so change can happen organically. The watery nature of Cancer can bring things up to the surface, so be gentle with yourself. Learning how to navigate the water element can help us build better support systems for times of vulnerability.

Mercury retrograde gives us a chance to look deeper at our personal truths and review our current situation. Happening in the sign of Capricorn means we are assessing our structures, ambitions, personal rules and boundaries. This may be a time where we receive flashes of inspiration around what we truly want to do with our light, and where our energy is best spent.

On Thursday 5th January 8pm (UK time) I will be hosting an online Full Moon Circle with the Moonpsycles Community. We will be learning a meditation to balance the positive and negative memories stored in our mind. This gives us the ability to hear our true needs, free from nostalgia or pain. All are welcome. If you wish to celebrate the Full Moon alone, here are some ritual ideas.

Bath Ritual - A magical time in the tub is the perfect accompaniment to a Cancer Full Moon. Clean the bathroom both physically and energetically. Prepare the space with lighted candles, soft music and dreamy aromas (I make personalised Moon sign bath oils. Get in touch if you would like to order!). You can stir in a herbal brew spell for extra magic. Camomile works well. Stir anti-clockwise to release, remember and unwind. Take time to soak, meditate and listen to your inner wisdom.

Intuitive Eating - Cancer rules the home and the belly! Set yourself the task to listen deeply to what your body is hungry for. Consciously and lovingly prepare your food, feeling the energy received as you eat. Then meditate on what your soul is also truly hungry for.

Aura Strengthening - Feeling everything is not always fun. Practice aura strengthening postures to give yourself better protection for facing the world. As a quick trick, I recommend clapping your hands with arms stretched in front of your body, then swinging arms back to clap behind. Repeating front, then back claps in a steady rhythm for 3mins. This will purify your personal space. For a full exercise set, you can try this Aura Strengthening Kriya.

Moon Water - Using a clean glass jar or jug, gather the Moon’s rays in water and bottle it for future rituals and spells. Consecrate your vessel and fill with water (preferably spring water but any is fine so long as it is blessed). Add a piece of solid silver or Clear Quartz Crystal to attract the reflective nature of the moon. Leave outside to charge overnight. Collect before sunrise and decant into a dark glass bottle. To keep the Moon energy as potent as possible, store in a dark place.

Water Blessing - Connect with the water element by blessing your drinking water and giving thanks for the life force it gives you. Feel the benefits of hydrating your body and invite the elementals to show you where you need to flow. If the energy of this Full Moon is causing you to feel stuck or heavy, this is great practice for you.

Wishing everyone a joyous and gentle expansion into the new. Be kind to yourself.

Blessed be!

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