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Full Moon in Cancer - Deep Cleaning

Wednesday 30th December 2020 - 3:28am GMT

There is a slightly solemn feeling to this Full Moon. Its watery nature is being stirred by some deep emotional wounds. Cancer is the place of inner security and the world of feelings, so as we end of a year of total uncertainty, it is understandable to struggle with the sadness and fear which has bubbled away under the surface all this time.

Cancer relates to our inner child, so a lot of clearing will be happening to do with this theme. Easily we forget that we’re the creators of our own world and cast blame on those around us. However, these patterns can be witnessed from a place of stillness. Emotional pain we experienced in our early years is rising up once more, maybe with different people playing the role of our parents/caregivers. This is Chiron, the wounded healer, squaring the Full Moon. We can see it as a challenge or as a time to heal. The important thing to remember is not to dismiss these feelings, let them flow, with crashing waves or meandering streams, for they are carrying you to a greater sense of your own truth. They are bringing you home.

The part of our body which Cancer rules is the belly. Notice what makes you feel sick to the stomach. This could be situations, food or words. Our gut feelings are heightened to help us move out of toxic relationships and become more clear and open to love. We have many sorts of relationships in our lives, not just the human variety. With Uranus impacting this Full Moon we can expect unpredictable turns flipping the current ‘normal’ on its head. It can feel a bit like you’ve had the rug pulled from under your feet, find your people or a healthy medicine to hold you at this time.

Maybe Mercury and Sun in Capricorn will apply some rational thinking to the mix. Give yourself a break from the emotional healing by focusing on your work, get practical and consider your prospects for 2021. The Aquarius vibe, which got ignited by the grand conjunction, is pushing us to work together, build new communities, loosen up a bit and learn. The creative nature of Cancer could be a nice place to take your ideas, or your woes. Get out your pens, paintbox, chisel or drum and move some energy in a positive way.

There is a lot to be said for sitting with feelings too. Accepting our feelings, not judging ourselves or running away is remembering how to honour the feminine. Water will move as soon as the the safety of its container disappears. Our sense of security is important, and we deserve to feel safe. Look into what you need to feel secure, is it available to you? Is something causing you to feel insecure? How can you change that, or find support to deal with it?

If anyone is looking for more human connection, I host regular online groups with a spritely little songbird called PK. Get in touch or check out our moonpsycles page. I really hope this moon brings more freedom to all of our lives. Be super kind to yourselves, this too shall pass.

Blessed Be.

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