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Full Moon in Leo - Full Swing

Sunday 5th February 6:28pm UK time

Leo is the sign which relates to our self-expression, courage and pride. The Full Moon marks the halfway point between eclipses. How far have we come? There has been some major shifts happening, pushing us to address deeply rooted issues which have been preventing us from fulfilling a higher purpose.

All systems are go now that all planets are in forward motion (no retrogrades... for now). We may have noticed an increase in energy and new opportunities coming to light. Leo rules the heart, so if it makes your heart sing, go for it!

Things that have felt totally fixed and unable to change may finally be getting the boot. Whether that be mindsets, habits, friends, expect the unexpected! Uranus, who has recently turned direct, is having a close impact on this Full Moon. Uranus is the great liberator of the zodiac. He will be shaking up more of what supports us and catapulting us out of our comfort zones toward great new heights.

There is an opportunity to rewrite our personal narrative here. Leo loves centre stage, so we may find ourselves eager to step out of the shadows and share our passion with the world. There are many energies at this time encouraging us to change the record and believe in ourselves and our individual values, generosity and talents.

Here are some ideas to add to your Full Moon Ritual:

Vibrate the Cosmos : Drop your mental focus into your heart space and breathe energy into this area. Feel your energetic heart centre expand and vibrate with love, clearing the path for your onward journey.

Celebrate Yourself : Write a list of all the things you have achieved, no matter how small. You could look at your intentions set at the Solar Eclipse in late October 2022 and assess if they are still relevant, or how far you have come. Find as many ways as possible to tell yourself "I am doing great!"

Core Strength : To be as strong as a Lion, we must work on our Solar Plexus Chakra. Postures such as plank, stretch pose and bow pose will build energy around your navel and increase willpower to overcome challenges.

Star of the Show : Look to where the Sun sits in your personal astrology chart. The house position and sign will tell you where you shine in life. When energy is focused in this area, the universe will be fully supportive.

Heal your Heart : Write a mantra for yourself which will help to improve your self-esteem. If you have always told yourself "I'm not good enough", your mantra could be "I am enough exactly as I am." Turn it into a little song and have fun with it.

Wishing everyone a magical Full Moon in Leo. Hold your head up and walk proud knowing that you are doing the very best you can.

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