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Full Moon in Leo - Look and See

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Sunday 9th February 2020 7:33am GMT

There is a sense of lightness to this Full Moon. It is more social, outgoing and creative, but be sure to still be reflective. The Sun and Moon will be sitting at 20 degrees, exactly on the ascendant axis. This is a moment when our radiance, or the way in which we shine in the world will be acknowledged, by ourselves, and by others too. The sparkle will be most pronounced on the day of the Full Moon, but there will also be glimpses on the days around it. This is a good time to become more visible. It feels like there are a lot of truths to be seen. Truths about who we are, who we work for/with, who we are romantically entwined with. The view feels very real and clear of illusion.

The energy of Leo moves through the world sharing its warmth, showing the way, and seeking eyes to catch its desire to lead and to play. The Leo Moon is working in harmony with Fire planet Mars in optimistic Sagittarius. This can charge up our willpower and help with enthusiasm, focus and passion. There is lots of creative and forward thinking energy to be had. All that heat can add sparks to our love lives too, and what perfect timing with valentines day coming up. Leo is romantic, Mars is full of desire, could be a passionate time! There is of course a shadow to all things in this realm. Watch out for any signs of self-centred tendencies. Leo and Mars can both be a little ego centric, and can get somewhat hot headed if things don’t go their way. Be mindful and considerate of your object of desire, and where they are at. 

The coming together of Venus and Chiron will be adding more impact to our healing journeys. As soon as Chiron moved into Aries last year, we knew that mass healing was on the agenda as Aries initiates. Chiron shows us the gifts in our wounds. So as long as we are prepared to look at ourselves, emotional repair work can be quick and efficient, and then treasures learnt can be shared with the world.

At he start of this Lunar cycle, around the Aquarius New Moon. the energy felt somewhat draining as insecurities and shame were rising to the surface for release. Familiar disappointment could have presented itself again and the strong impact of Neptune might of made us feel like numbing out, escaping or simply running away. There are moments when we think, 'should I bother getting excited again just to fail?' Or, 'I have been hurt like this before, it will probably just happen again'. This is victim energy. We all do it sometimes, but right now  if you are willing to see it for what it is, you can make the choice of what to do with that victim vibe. 

There are many layers to addiction, Jupiter sextile Neptune will be blowing that up for sure. Not only are there the obvious ones like sugar, booze and drugs, we can also get addicted to drama and emotional pain. It creates a rush of adrenaline which can form a hidden desire to create more of it! There really is much more enjoyment in a drama free life. Time to get real with ourselves - are we creating that pain? Do we secretly enjoy it? Burrowing your head in the sand will only bring about more unconscious results. Looking at ourselves from a place of non-judgement, even if we feed the desire, is how we heal ourselves and create change. To relax and look, we lift and love ourselves more.


So get yourself out there over this Moon. Leo encourages generosity and charisma, show the world what your big heart is made of. Really pay attention to what lights you up, in your work life, spiritual practice, social circles. If something is feeling a bit of a drag, seek the wisdom of your heart and ask what can you do to enjoy this more? Or is there something that gives you much more fulfilment?

May the vibrancy of this Full Moon kick the ass out of your whingey victim so you can meet the world strong, warm and proud like the Lion. Stay cool and blessed be brothers and sisters!

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