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Full Moon in Libra - Break Free/Reboot

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Thursday 21st March 1:43am GMT

Blimey! This moon is FULL ON! So much its hard to know where to begin. How about at ZERO? This is the 5th and final consecutive Full Moon happening at ZERO degrees. Zero is the number of infinite potential, and now is the time to break free from all that is holding you back so you can really fly, but as always, this will require being completely real with yourself.

Mercury is still going retrograde through Pisces, the mystical sign of love and compassion. Whenever a planet goes retrograde it gives us an opportunity to feel its energy on an inner level. Mercury has really been pulling some tricks out the bag lately to help us see where we are not living in compassion, but perhaps in fear. It also seems that we are being drawn to people who mirror us. Are you able to see yourself? Your wisdom? Your strength? Your beauty? Do you recognise them as an aspect of you? Or do you judge or admire them as separate? Not every single person is your reflection, but generally if they play a regular part in your life, there is a high chance of mirroring going on...Like it or not!

We also have Chiron conjunct the Sun, so old wounds are in the spotlight and emotions are quite intense. Allowing yourself to feel all emotions that come up at this time can be a very beneficial healing experience. We are programmed to push away emotions like sadness, anger and pain in a search for ultimate happiness. But what if true happiness is being ok with feeling our entire emotional range?

In other planetary news, Black Moon Lilith is conjunct Venus in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius. Lilith, the dark goddess, represents our deepest desires and that which was shamed out of us. As she joins Venus, goddess of love and arts, I feel like many will be coming out of the shadows and sharing hidden gifts with the world. Mars in harmonious aspect to powerful Pluto could be offering the strength to really take action here - Be Brave and Believe in yourself!

As with any Full Moon, i recommend taking some time to listen and tune in to your inner voice. Drop out of your head and into your heart. Feel ALL of your emotions that come up and release them with compassion, and If someone else has pulled that emotion from you, be grateful not hateful. Let your wounds be healed and begin to feel that freedom you so deserve.

Wishing everyone a magically healing Equinox and Full Moon, look at how far you have come! One more push and your free

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