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Full Moon in Pisces 2022

Saturday 10th September 2022 , 10:59am BST

This Full Moon is loaded with potential to expand our consciousness. Whether it's projects and healing we have already started, or changes we've been contemplating, this lunation has the power to lift us to another level. The chart shows me two kite formations, this is very positive. Kites fly, and so can we if we vibrate to the higher qualities of Pisces which are love, compassion and selfless service.

A Full Moon happens when Sun and Moon are exactly opposite each over. It carries an energy of culmination which can bring things to the light. Sun is in Virgo and Moon in Pisces. Both these signs have a quality of closure. Virgo refers to the earthly realm of work and health, and pisces is more spiritual and will be influencing our "soul-work". The pulls we feel to do things will most likely be in terms of soul guidance. It is a good time to explore those directions, unless they lead us to escapist addictions, which Pisces is also known for.

The asteroid Juno, who rules marriage and partnerships, is being activated at this time. Expect revelations around fairness in relationship, exaggerated romantic ideals and where our shadow self has been using emotional manipulation. These revelations are not for us to judge ourselves, but to give us the chance to make better choices around how we treat those we love and share our lives with.

Pisces energy helps us to tune into our psychic nature. As part of your Full Moon ritual, it would be good to practice meditations which increase intuition. Set an intention to receive the guidance you need at the start of your meditation, then give thanks, knowing the truth will be shown. You will get your answer either during the meditation, in your dreams or within the following days. Relax and stay patient, you will know when it comes. I will be hosting an online circle to talk more about the Astrology of this Full Moon and lead a meditation for intuition on Thursday 8th September, 8pm (BST). All are welcome, click the highlighted words above to join.

Even though Pisces is officially a water sign, I feel like the spirits of fire would be good to work with on this Full Moon. Fire illuminates and purifies which can be very beneficial when making life-changes. Here are some ideas of things you can add to your personal ritual:

Candle Spell - Purple (wisdom), White (truth) or Black (fate) candles are good, but anything with the correct intention will work fine. You can engrave with a personal sigil, anoint with aromatherapy scents and roll in herbs, or you can just hold your candle and breathe the intention in before lighting. The more energy you give it, the more powerful it will be. A candle spell does not need to be burnt all at once, it can support a longer journey by igniting with intention over and over again. Be sure to snuff out the flame rather than blow if you want to reuse it.

Pranayama - Breathwork is always a winner with any ritual. Breath of Fire while focusing on the 3rd eye (centre of forehead, above the point between eyebrows). This will help to purify your energy and stimulate your intuition. I recommend a minumum of 3mins, maximum 11mins.

Om Tryambakam Mantra - I highly recommend learning this mantra. It will require some effort, but is an incredibly powerful way to liberate the essence of your soul from the constraints of the ego mind. By learning the mantra, you embody the energy and vibration. Tryambakam is another name for Shiva who is both a destroyer and a restorer in Hindu tradition. This is a nice song version by Reema Datta if you want to give it a try.

Holly Tree - The spirit of the Holly has warrior strength and supports all kinds of shadow work. It is a great allie for periods of renewal and emotional purification helping us to see through darker times. The hard, sharp leaves are protective, like armour, from negative outer influences whilst we initiate personal change.

Herbs and Essential Oils for Vision - below is a list to use as part of your candle spell of for making a psychic brew! Herb (H) , Essential Oil (O)

Mugwort (H)

Jasmine (H,O)

Rosemary (H,O)

Elderflower (H)

Vervain (H)

Clary Sage (O)

Lemongrass (H,O)

Basil (H,O)

Cardamom (O)

Wishing everyone a enlightened Full Moon, may you be blessed with increased clarity for your onward journey.

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