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Full Moon in Scorpio 🦂 - Self Soothing

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Saturday 18th May 10:11pm GMT

Scorpio is the dark still waters of the ocean bed and the deepest most secret of our emotions. This moon can take us to our very core, but be kind to what you find there.

Mercury, the winged messenger who rules education, is opposing this Full Moon and will be encouraging us to understand and communicate our feelings, perhaps providing answers to emotional triggers for those willing to learn.

Mars travelling through the sign of Cancer will be informing us of how we are directing our emotional energy. Being mature and responsible with your emotions is not about denying them, it is about acknowledging and exploring reactions and bitterness. The divine feminine is, after all, the whole range of feelings, good, bad and sometimes ugly. By embracing emotions like jealousy we can recognise where we may feel insecure, and from that place de-condition the limiting thought patterns. You can do this by clocking them, ushering away and replacing with kinder self soothing talk. When looked at with an attitude of self discovery, the more taboo emotions are a fantastic tool for personal growth. This is what we call the shadow work.

Psychic Neptune has been assisting us in healing our traumatised inner child for a while now and continues to do so. I have been asking to be shown through my dream state what needs forgiveness just before sleep, and been presented with some old boyfriends I hadn't thought about in years!

Other big Astro news is Venus meeting with Uranus in Taurus for the first time since 1930's. This is the time when we revolutionise what it is we truly value. Money is how you have your vote whilst our governments fanny around with god knows what. If you are concerned about clean air, change energy supplier. If you are upset by the loss of habitat for orang-utans, but ethical palm oil products. It really works! Look at the growing supply of vegan and eco products in this year alone.

As we start practising how to master our inner security, make room to take things slow, observe and grow gently through this moon. I cannot begin to express the importance of scheduling in time for doing nothing - It is honestly very important work!

These energies can give us a big push out of victim/martyr mode and allow us to get real about what we truly want from our relationships and how many of our emotional needs can be satisfied by ourselves.

In the words of the prophet Bob, 'Satisfy Your Soul' on this Full Moon. I'm sending out so much faith and lunar love to you all. Have a blessed Scorpio Full Moon.

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