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Full Moon in Virgo - Here and Now

Tuesday 7th march 2023 12:40pm UK time

Virgo and Pisces feel so opposite it's hard to believe they have a common ground. Virgo is earthly, concerned with the mundane and looking at details of the physical condition. Pisces is etheric, infinite, unknown and full of imagination. The familiarity they share is love and service. So this is a powerful time to take practical steps towards your goals. There is an abundance of discipline and focus energy flowing in. When balanced with spiritual work, it can develop a strong and beautiful trust in the universal plan.

The Sun and Moon are creating a hard aspect to Mars in Gemini. All 3 in mutable signs. This changing and morphing energy can create mood swings, ungrounded feelings or powerlessness and a sense of chaos if we don't find balance with patience and discipline. There is huge creative potential surrounding this Full Moon, but with things changing so fast, we could be susceptible to overwhelm, escapism, restlessness and confusion. It is important to centre ourselves with a meditation practice.

Whatever house 16 degrees Virgo falls in your chart will indicate where new information is becoming available. Where self-improvement and correct discernment is taking place. Virgo brings order and inspires good health. Ruled by Mercury, who is dreaming away in Pisces right now, it can also overthink things in its search for details. The best combat for frustration with the 'need to know', is to stay in the here and now and develop a strong mind and body connection. I do this using conscious breathing.

Planning gives us a sense of safety, but be open to intuition too. Uranus, who is concerned with new ideas breaking into society, will create sudden shifts towards the next steps. If you have been working on a humanitarian project, this moon is bringing gifts. Saturnian wisdom is reaching its peak in Aquarius and changing signs to teach us all about Pisces. It is worth reflecting on what has developed for you since March 2020. How have you grown? Things which have been avoided may get shaken to the surface, again meditation will help deal with this. It's just a matter of having trust in the universal plan.

One more thing to add is the meeting of Chiron and Jupiter. This provides a big boost to the ongoing healing journey. A great time to free ourselves from negative self-perception. Chiron acts to open up wounds in our lives and our psyche for healing. In Aries it is showing us where we feel we don't have the right to be ourselves. It will be outlining where we feel wounded, ashamed, broken or inadequate. Jupiter brings wisdom, growth, optimism and expansion. So depending on your level of consciousness, any pain concerned with your sense of identity will either expand or improve.

Ideas to include in your Virgo Full Moon ritual:

Organise - tidying and organising can be a meditation. What needs a little sort out? It could be your alter, your sock drawer or your email. Bring some order to anything which feels chaotic.

Self-care - Review your current diet and exercise routine. Is there anything which can be improved? Be realistic about what you can do and commit.

Crystal grid your workspace - Crystals are very happy on a mutable earth Full Moon! If you work with technology, now is a good time to program stones like Sodalite or Shungite to clear radiation from your working environment.

Mind and spirit balance - As humans we spend a lot of time in our heads. Any yoga posture that brings the head below the heart will help to restore the balance. Postures like baby pose, downward dog, bowing and forward bends work well.

Analyse your lifestyle - Make a list of things that take up your time. Work, study, relaxation (break this down if you like), socialising, nature, fitness, eating. Write down the 7 weekdays and what you do on each day. Create a colour code for each activity to see if something is taking too much energy. Also assess if there is room for something new.

I will be hosting a Full Moon Astrology and Mantra circle online Tuesday 7th March 8pm uk time for anyone who wishes to join. All Welcome.

Wishing everyone a very practical and creative Full Moon. May the lunar light bless you with higher truth and prosperous insight.


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