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Full Moon in Virgo - Loving Devotion

Saturday 27th February 2021 - 8:17am GMT

When the Full Moon is in Virgo our minds and attitudes sharpen, our nervous system speeds up, and our work calls. This is a great moon for taking practical action towards our health and our service. Virgo is the sign where we integrate the lessons from our journey so far, refine our skills and discern which of our attributes are going to be most relevant for the work we came to do.

The energy of this moon is very healing as Venus joins the Sun in Pisces to shine unconditional love on us all. There is a strong need to contribute and make a difference in the world and anything blocking this desire to serve will be exposed. Venus in Pisces invites us to follow our hearts and our intuition to reveal what we need to release in order transform and embark on new beginnings. Her passive nature will be really useful for those of us who hold grudges, helping us to let go with love rather than in rage.

Uranus creating a supporting aspect to the Full Moon means we are ready for something completely different. A good Uranus/Moon aspect helps us to let go of what is safe and familiar and try something new. If you are feeling stuck, try looking at or doing the simple things slightly differently. Walk down a street you have never been before, turn your furniture around, or hang your painting upside down. This helps us be open to change and invites inspiration.

The asteroid Vesta is in close proximity to the Virgo Full Moon. Vesta is the Goddess of Fire and a symbol of purity. She is motivated by goodness, warmth and dedication. Her energy in this sign encourages us to work in a sacred way, towards a cause which lights up our hearts. What do you feel devoted to? Connect to your own spiritual truth and focus on what steps need to be taken now in order to reach this greater purpose.

Let this moon remind you that you are worthy of the love that you’ve been seeking to manifest. With a little patience and strict emotional boundaries, you’re one step closer to achieving your dreams. Take some time to bathe in her light and nourish your soul. You have come far.

A blessed healing to you all, and happy Full Moon.

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