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Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) in Cancer - Road to Happiness

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Friday 10th January 2020 7:21pm GMT

Oh Lord! There is so much to talk about with this Full Moon, I think it warrants a report of 2 halves. Being a bit of an Astro-Geek, i’m going to start with the planetary stuff and get to the energy later. So if you have no interest in the movements of Uranus then I suggest you skip ahead.

The Moon will be full in home sign of Cancer on her North Node (Lunar Eclipse) opposing beneficent Jupiter/South Node and a shit load of other planets in Capricorn. Before I get to that 4 planet conjunct, I’d like to touch on the beauty of having Jupiter exact at 8 degrees on the South Node. I really like the number 8, it carries a nice energy of balance and the symbol of infinity. The South Node relates to the past, Capricorn Karma, so we could be delivered some positive Dharma which has been accrued in this lifetime and maybe even past lives. A time of restoring balance. However, In order to make space, we may still have to let go a bit. Jupiter can also draw out the positive aspects of a comfortable Cancer Moon like nurturing and understanding. Perhaps we can tune in to our empathic nature and find some compassion for all those less evolved souls caught up in a struggle for power, remembering they were children once too. You don’t need to be female in order to mother.

Next up is that heavy duty line up of Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This is a pretty big deal. And although I don’t follow the news, its impossible to avoid the warring circus created by our world leaders. Capricorn rules governments and corporations. Its so clear to see how the intensity of Saturn and Pluto, who have not merged in Capricorn for over 500 years, is effecting our current systems. The struggle for power is becoming so fraught it could quite honestly implode! As with everything though, there is always polarity. So what is the positive behind of all this war, anger and destruction? Truth, clarity and rebirth. Thats the shiz to tap into. Sun and Mercury will be helping us to put things together in our mind. We should be more able to rationalise, problem solve and bring things down to Earth. On Sunday 12th January all 4 Planets will be exact at 22 degrees Capricorn. The Sabian Symbol for this degree presents us with the possibility of turning apparent external defeat into an inner spiritual development. These energies have been building all week and I definitely feel like my mind is on my side right now, balancing beautifully with my heart at times.

Then of course we have Uranus stationing direct on the same Eclipse day. Jeez! Thats powerful too! Also to do with the mind and the ability to see things from a totally different angle. Planets are always at their strongest when they stop to turn direction, so if you’re on the right path, Uranus can provide a nice boost of liberation. What a beautiful time to release some shackles and let yourself free. Uranus turned retrograde in Taurus in 11th August 2019 in harmonious aspect to the Moon and Venus. Over this time we have been developing trust and experiencing radical twists in our financial lives and our love lives. As the maverick moves forward, expect the inner work to begin paying off externally.  

Ok Ok. Thats enough of the heavenly motions, what are we actually being asked to consider over this Full Moon? The word CONTROL seems like a good one to ponder to me. Who is driving you right now? Anxiety has become epidemic in this world, this means fear has got a lot of control out there. The best way to combat fear is by being kinder to yourself by letting go of burdening responsibility and excessive guilt. The stomach, 3rd Chakra, is where our power centre is at. What kind of fuel are you providing? Are you listening to what your body wants or your ego? As we come out of density and into a more conscious union with our soul, our bodies will inform us of what is no longer working as fuel. Its very important that we listen if we want to align with our truth. Much of emotional discomfort has to do with the energy we feed ourselves.

The theme of finding inner security still continues and this Lunar Eclipse can help us have a good old clear out. I have been pondering the polarity of my fears and finding it very useful. When I felt fear of rejection, I considered where I am accepted. Reflecting on where I felt controlled, I discovered an opportunity for freedom. The most useful channel to tune into is your own. The media only promotes feelings of hopelessness. Best news is found when you quietly check your inner world, but you have to bless yourself with the time to tune in and trust.

TRUST is another good word to focus on! How clear are you that the situations you find yourself in are orchestrated for your highest good? Can you bring yourself into a place of trust and allow the opportunity to present itself? To quote Albert Einstein “The most important decision we make is whether we believe the universe is friendly or not.” There is a universal love far greater than we can ever imagine which surrounds us at all times. Make it a new habit to breathe in that love and feel how it holds you.

Wishing everyone a splendid first Full Moon of 2020. May you see yourself clearly under her luminous rays, and find the wisdom within to leave behind the pain. Blessed Be.

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