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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn - Good Foundations

Sunday 5th July 2020 5:44am GMT

Eclipses occur whenever a Full or New moon happens on the nodal axis. At a Full moon, we get a Lunar Eclipse, this is when the Earth casts a shadow over the moon. For the last 18 months the nodes have been in the Capricorn/Cancer axis, and we have been dismantling internal structures in order to reach greater levels of emotional security. Our habits, behaviours and belief systems are ideas our ego creates in attempt to keep us safe, but they are not always beneficial. During this period, habits have been under review and now it's a final push in these zodiac signs before we get stuck into the next lessons of Gemini/Sagittarius. Ample healing is available, and practical Capricorn will help us use the energy efficiently.

Just days before this Full Moon, Mars and Saturn both moved into their home signs where they are at their strongest. Many may have noticed energy levels pick up and felt a sudden desire to get the work done. Capricorn is Cardinal Earth which means in initiates material/physical things. It's where we lay the foundations and build. The energy of Capricorn offers dedication, commitment and patience, it can help us to get a better understanding of how a slower more methodical approach can take us to great heights eventually. 

We are getting some powerful healing from the Chiron/Mars conjunction in Aries, and our little friend Mercury is assisting us to rationalise our inner voice and discern whether it’s helping or hindering our progress. The recent boost from Mars in Aries has brought us out of deep slumber and into lucid state to where we can observe our subconscious. However, Chiron is the real the driving force behind this eclipse, encouraging us to let go of that which has been playing out too long. Expect some positive shifts as we begin to radically transform beliefs concerning our own personal power. 

It's become quite obvious that the current systems are falling apart, and it's time to start working together to build better replacements. Power has been abused and there will be plenty of people fighting for justice. In the background, new systems based on love and respect for nature need to start being formed. We're now getting our shit together, seeing what works for us and making more conscious choices. When we say yes to our path and our purpose the universe lines things, we rekindle old friendships and make new connections with those that sing the same tune. 

The recent eclipse overload has brought lots of stuff to the surface, and occasionally rattled us to the core. We are now at the culmination stage and ready for major detoxification. It would be beneficial to perform a releasing ceremony with this Lunar Energy. What toxic behaviours are you done with? What about your core beliefs, are they holding you back? Time to lay things to rest. Mother Earth loves to take away our pain! She puts it in her big cauldron and creates alchemy with it. I suggest writing down all that needs releasing, and then creating positive affirmations to welcome a healthier, stronger version of yourself. For insistence, if an old core belief is "I am not good enough" replace it with an affirmation like "I am capable of great things!". Sometimes beliefs can be deeply embedded and take a long time to heal, but the process will only begin when an intention to change is made.

Happy Healing everyone! Be kind to yourself and remember patience pays.

Blessed Be.

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I study astrology at and I think that the lunar eclipse falling on the birthday of the USA seems to indicate dark times, however this reading shows that the American experiment could have a rebirth. Americans might decide to become a family again, to ignore that which divided us, and to work toward a more inclusive future. I will be rooting for that.

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