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Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) in Gemini - Thresholds

Monday 30th November 2020 9:30am GMT

Major reset happening! We will find ourselves laying to rest aspects of ourselves that don’t vibe well with the Aquarian age. As we close this cycle, familiar comforts/patterns may resurface. We can say goodbye nicely, or continue avoiding it. This really is a threshold time, it’s normal to feel fear rise up before change, and especially when there is so much uncertainty in the world, so go easy on yourself. You are probably doing far better than you give yourself credit for.

Eclipse season happens twice a year when the Full and New moons happen close to their nodes. This Full moon is happening on the North Node in Gemini opening up our capacity to learn. Logical Mercury, who rules Gemini is still going through the deep waters of Scorpio and beginning to gather more internal clarity. With this eclipse season occurring on the ‘thought axis’ of Sagittarius/Gemini we will be evaluating everything, especially information we are fed from the big systems and controlling forces. The truth is getting exposed to those who are open enough to see.

Opportunities for transformation, growth and wealth expansion are enhanced as Jupiter reached its midpoint in the stellium with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn – a cosmic event that has not occurred in 4,000 years! We may experience an expanded understanding of true affluence and abundance. Opportunities that prove we can lead the way start popping up, as well as ideas for new breakthrough projects. Seize these gifts as they are offered! Be spontaneous and you will create a confident and positive vibration.

Neptune turned direct in Pisces on 29th November, and is coming close to the end of its long cycle through the zodiac. The t-square it makes to the nodes means messages and connections to spiritual realms will be showing us to where to head. Neptune could also heighten our desire to escape this material reality. Intuition will be strong, so listen to yourself before anyone else. It’s important to remember that although many of us can see the bigger picture, so many are only aware of the immediate reality of job loss, health scares and loneliness. Neptune/Pisces is related to the eternal loving presence of spirit. Our spirituality is our truth and our sanctuary. When we are peaceful in our own spiritual truth, we inspire others to find their own. So the best way to start spreading peace and love is to find it within ourselves.

The Lunar Eclipse helps us to clear out the old to make way for the new. It gives us a chance to transmute some personal imprints acquired in early years so that we can free up some energy. Inner child work is popping up all over the place which is great! This, and shamanic journeying is work I really believe in and has helps massively in my quest for inner peace. What do you feel ready to let go of? This can be physical, emotional or mental. Are you holding on to an image of who you once were? You will feel happier when you let that go. This is a powerful cycle for intention setting and self growth. How do you feel about the intentions you planted at the last eclipse? Have they begun to give fruit? The momentum of a six month cycle is strong, so whatever you want to push for, now is the time. Use the psychic energies available now to tune into what you desire and what is getting in the way.

May the light of this powerful Full Moon cleanse your body and soul of all you don’t need, and may you emerge joyful, strong and ready for your next quest in the ever changing stage of life.

Blessed Be!

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