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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Tuesday 8th November 2022 , 11:02am (UK time)

Full Moons in general are considered to be times of culmination, closure and heightened clarity. These themes are particularly powerful this month as the Eclipse cycle renews. Things we have been working on, or aware of, have reached a point where the good stuff is now being uncovered. This is a time of radical shifts, rational thinking and deep reprogramming. When we choose to let go, like trees do with their leaves, we reserve energy for something new. Just as the leaves provide nutrients for the soil, death within ourselves encourages fertility for the new.

The Moon rules the night time, and relates to our subconscious, therefore our inner child. The Sun rules the waking hours, and is currently sitting alongside Venus and Mercury in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio also relates to the subconscious, so during this lunation, we are able to get a good look into the shadows. We have the ability to see the truth of our situation more clearly and the parts of ourselves we have been rejecting.

Uranus in connection with the Moon will be boosting these revelation moments even more, and providing a good dose of rebel energy to break free from self-defeating behaviours. Our higher minds are at play, offering an understanding of ourselves as multi-faceted people, not just one way. I am strong and can also feel vulnerable. I am tolerant, and impatient. How does that Verve song go? “I’m a million different people from one day to the next, I can change my mode!” This is an opportunity to accept some sides of ourselves we may have been denying.

A good thing to remember when exposing our hidden self, is to watch how we judge ourselves. Self acceptance and self forgiveness are what truly bring harmony to our lives. Taurus themes around self-worth, stability, money, sensuality, nature and the physical body could be coming up. Are your emotions aligned with the ultimate truth? Or could this be a reaction based on a childhood experience? How are you responding to your emotions? Is it aligned with where you are now, or are you using old coping strategies? Rational thinking, love and warmth are all shining onto the Moon. Take advantage of this spell and create some positive affirmations for yourself. You can also join myself and the Moonpsycles Community for some online fun and games, turning our affirmations into song - Tuesday night at 8pm (London time).

We will be unable to avoid the truth when it comes to relationships no longer aligned with our path. As we change and evolve we may leave some folks behind. Not everyone sees things the same way, and that is totally cool. Different people will perceive the world differently depending on their personal karma and evolutionary state. It is not our place to try and change them, but it is our responsibility to let go if they are holding us back from our path. This is a time of liberation, check in with what relationships uplift you, or not.

Ritual ideas for the Taurus Moon

Let Off Steam - everything can be worked on through the physical body. Movement like dance, yoga, sport will help. Let your body do it’s magic.

Self-Care - take some time to be kind to yourself both mentally and physically. Bless yourself with some positive self talk.

Explore your possessions - create an alter with some of the things you own and love in your home. What items give you most pleasure and why?

Cooking meditation - slowly and consciously make a dish, new or practiced favourite. Engage with the fragrance, flavour and texture of your ingredients throughout the process.

Wishing everyone a Moon full of renewed confidence and an ability to change. Blessed be!

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