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Full SuperMoon in Virgo - Demystify to Fly

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Monday 9th March 2020 5:48pm GMT

The Moon in Virgo helps us to discern, to organise, and ruled by Mercury, it can bring us into our brains. During this Supermoon, mystical Neptune will be aside the Sun radiating its energy of love and compassion helping us to see deeper into soul’s experience and apply forgiveness where necessary. Neptune exists beyond the bounds of ordinary reality, it is the place where anything is possible. We can combine our earthly Virgo brain with our Neptunian imagination and begin to see the power of manifestation. However, you can’t just think things into your life, you need to feel good about them. Your vibration will tell you a lot about yourself and why perhaps you are not moving forward and getting that which you want to achieve. Feelings of desperation create a sort of resistance which stops the flow, so its just as important to acknowledge your emotions as well as your thoughts.

On the flip side, Neptune can cloud and confuse things, and the lack of boundaries can make it easier for manipulation to happen. Carefully consider why you are agreeing to something. Its ok to say “Let me think about that” even if its only for 5mins alone to tune into your own guidance. Don’t worry about what others think you should be doing. If they are telling you what to do, maybe they've got too much spare time by avoiding their own shit. And hey, you don’t even need to listen to me! Its time we trust ourselves.

Mercury will be turning direct on this Full Moon making that Virgo energy extra potent. It might even feel a little light heady. I wouldn't give yourself too much to do. Mercury might be turning direct, but he won’t be out of the shadow period until the end of the month. So let the slowness and contemplation continue just a bit longer. How’s that retrograde been working for you anyway? Have you been feeling more receptive to spirit? Are you listening?? I felt a need to surrender on so many occasions. I live quite a full life (meaning I give myself way too much to do), and I have been gifted many times over this retrograde with people cancelling plans allowing me more time for stillness. I feel something big gearing up. It's like this retrograde has been drip feeding us inspiration and a mega punch of regeneration. By the time we reach the next New Moon we will have so much more confidence in our soul mission and why we are here. The energy is building and it could be soon time to break from the cocoon. It is always our level of consciousness that will effect how we experience the energy.

The Supermoon is playing nicely with the line up of planets in Capricorn. Something feels more articulate about a Virgo Moon and I get the sense we may be able to meet whatever power has been looming over us with a more rational understanding. Things feel less complex and when that happens, we can express ourselves in a language which is easier to digest. This goes for the conversations we have with ourselves as well as others. We are are all responsible for learning new ways to dance and choosing what rhythm gets us to a place of more heart centred living.

Finally, we should talk about Venus joining Uranus in her home sign of Taurus. Taurus is fixed earth, so it rules earthly things like our bodies and senses, but it also rules the material world, including money. Uranus brings about unexpected change and can really give us those A-ha moments. With Venus moving close to Uranus and creating harmonious aspects to the moon’s nodes, we can start to feel a bit deeper into our relationship with money and the ancestral stories that we may be carrying around it. Changing the way we view money, if its a negative opinion, can dramatically alter our sense of security. We still need money to get by in the world we live in, but for so many it can be a cause of stress rather than fun. Venus is creative right? So is there a way we can consciously change and create a lighter way of looking at currency? How are we handling our cash? Hoarding? Splurging? When we think about money, what kind of emotion does it create and where do we feel it in our bodies? Are there any wounds or stories around money are we ready to release with this Full Moon?

It feels like an energetic spring clean should be happening. Emotions of all sorts coming up at weird times, sometimes the whole spectrum in only a few hours! It is my advice not to attach the mind to them. Feel them in the body and allow them to release. Sometimes external situations assist in bringing stuff up. When we live in our witness we can see this as a gift to learn about ourselves, or we can hold a grudge. What feels better? This is a good time of year to clean up our homes, so why not cleanse our bodies too. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The power of this Supermoon will help wash away anything you want rid of. Use the Lunar light to help cleanse you. Make an alter, set your intention, use your practice and heal yourself. We all have plenty of junk carried around which serves no purpose on the road ahead. Let go.

Wishing you all a super healthy Full Moon with plenty of space and time to quietly listen to your own inner guidance. Trust that all your experiences are an opportunity to grow stronger and more radiant every day.

Blessed Be!

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