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New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Capricorn - Spread Your Wings

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Thursday 26th December 2019  - 5:13am GMT

I wanted to get this posted out early, but with all the extra work we give ourselves this time of year, it typically got bit delayed. Looks like we are ending the year with a very positive opening for 2020! And It feels like a rather nice time to have a super powerful New Moon Eclipse shortly after Winter Solstice when we have shed a load of stuff. 

When you work with the cyclical rhythms of nature, Eclipses are a big deal. I put my rapid healing down to working in tune with natures cycles, letting go and setting intentions over and over. Hopefully we are all feeling a bit lighter after an intensive December Full Moon, and ready to set intentions for the larger 6 month Eclipse Cycle. Projects and goals set with an Eclipse have a much stronger force of momentum behind them and with optimistic Jupiter involved, I would say whatever your plans, they could really take off!

Eclipses occur when a New or Full moon happen on one of their Nodes. The Nodes move counter clockwise through a sign of the Zodiac about every 18 months, pointing us in the right direction for karmic growth. Currently on the Capricorn/Cancer axis, we have been leaving behind old systems and core beliefs to reach a place of more improved emotional security. The outer world will always reflect the work we do on ourselves. So if you really want better government systems etc, better start checking in with your own systems and beliefs. How helpful are they now?

Life is full of choices, its about how you make them. Since September our awareness has been getting sharpened and we have been given opportunities to try doing things differently. Our consciousness has expanded to a level where we can witness ourselves in those choice moments. This offers us an even better moment of opportunity, whether to apply a non-judgmental energy of love and compassion or not. I see this as perfect training to find inner calm and security. 

The moons Nodes will move in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis on 5th May 2020. That gives us 5 months to master this non-judgmental thing. Still my fav motto - "It doesn’t matter!" Being kinder to yourself will free up a lot more space for joy in your life and relationships. Gotta learn to love yourself, then you can apply that degree of compassion to the rest of the world.

So we also have the radical game changer Uranus assisting this Eclipse. Changes could come rather unexpected. Uranus has a way flipping things on their head, but in can be super helpful to see things from a whole different angle. Don’t dismiss it just because its not the way you’ve always done it.

As you enjoy the festive spirit of christmas, take time to bless yourself by acknowledging how far you have come over this year. So much expansion! Envision yourself rising into the New Year, what do you look like now? Are you straighter? Taller? Lighter? Larger? Rather than concentrating on what you feel needs fixing in your life, take a look at the qualities you like and want more of. Set your intentions from a joyful place and watch how much happier you are in yourself. 

Wishing everyone a Blessed Yule and Christmas and Hanukkah and anything else you wanna celebrate. Its ALL GOOD!

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