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New Moon in Aquarius - A Higher Path

Thursday 11th February 2021 - 7:06pm GMT

There is a BIG line up in Aquarius right now. Since the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Venus AND Mercury Retrograde have joined the party. Aquarius is fixed Air. It is outer space and connects us to the higher mind. It's the place where we are able to get a higher perspective, seeing not only how we can impact future generations, but also how previous lives affect our existence now. This New Moon will be providing us with breakthrough moments helping us to understand ourselves as part of the infinite divine mind. We are able to expand beyond our early concerns and feel a part of the Macrocosm. As Mercury explores the underworld of Aquarius, it shows us our subconscious beliefs about how we 'fit’ in social circles and in the age of technology.

Ruling planet Uranus is also in a fixed sign. The steadiness above and below makes for a clear channel of communication and shows us what we have become fixated on. What are you giving all your energy to? We are now able to get a better perspective of where we feel stuck in our lives and free things up a bit. Now is an opportunity to adjust our minds and beliefs to move away from whatever is holding us back.

Venus and Jupiter allow us to see the beauty in all circumstances and feelings. With the vast perspective of Aquarius, we can see how much of our pain is actually ancestral and receive guidance on how to clear and heal for ourselves and future generations. Creative thinking is enhanced leading to some awesome inventions and flashes of brilliance. Be sure to use your journal to record the curiosity and let the ideas flood in.

The shadow side of Aquarius is so focused on the genius of an idea that it exhibits a chilling lack of emotion. It is also so desperate to rebel it can become quite self-centred in its opinions. We must remember to ground, pause for air and consider what stage of evolution others are at during this time of high frequency so we don’t alienate ourselves.

Warrior Mars and wildcat Lilith in the stubborn sign of Taurus create a tense aspect to the New Moon. This could create some frustration and even fury, another good reason to make space for yourself to breathe! Although Aquarius is a social sign, this is a month to really address our personal lives. The lessons and opportunities to grow may come from social groups, but if we want things to change, we need to look at ourselves.

The higher path is one of compassion, and those who walk it are aware of the divine consciousness which has individualised as them. May this New Moon bring you many blessings to share with the world.

Blessed be.

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