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New Moon in Aquarius - Business Time

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Monday 4th February 2019 

9:04pm GMT

The energy that surrounds any New Moon sets a theme for the coming Lunar Month. Expect a fully energised and promising month of February, Hurrah!

Sun, Moon and Mercury will be lined up in Aquarius, the sign which represents the future and revolutionary change. These 3 planets will be receiving good vibes from Jupiter in his home sign of Sagittarius bringing positive energy to communication, decision making, socialising and networking. 

This New Moon will occur smack bang in the centre of a harmonious aspect between hardworking Saturn and spiritual Neptune, giving cosmic power to any projects that have pure intention behind them. This could spark some major changes for industry and commerce, a great start for the Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig! 

With ALL planets in forward motion we have been picking up speed and kicking up a lot of dust as we do so! Did you feel all those waves last week after the Lunar Eclipse? It certainly packed a punch, and maybe a few of us needed to be shaken up a bit.

There may be even more opportunities to glimpse into the psyche this coming month as Pluto squares Mars on the New Moon. Mars is also in his home sign!! Its not very often we have all this planetary energy lined up in such slick fashion, so take advantage of it. Wherever Pluto goes, expect a catalyst for change. This is a chance to take your power back and return to your infinite potential. Change can happen in a destructive way, but only if you are not being real with yourself and prepared to be your own witness.

May this generous astral energy add magic to all the hard work you have done. Let this month be the one which shows you exactly why you are here on Earth!

Bon Chance Amigos! And Much Love.

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