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New Moon in Aries - New Stories

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Friday 5th April 9:50am GMT

There has been some funky energy happening lately... confusion, setbacks, lack of confidence. This had a lot to do with the planets guys, I know this because so many of us felt it at the same time. A New Moon marks the start of a new cycle, and this one in Aries is all about fighting on regardless of the drama from last week.

Now is the time to really be looking at "our story". What is it we think defines us? Its good to listen out for those voices which cause the anxiety or uncomfortable emotion, and ask ourselves "is this still relevant?". We have the planetary big boys tearing up Capricorn right now. On a global level Capricorn rules our governments and systems, but on a inner level, its about the rules we put upon ourselves picked up from parents, school, society. Things like, I will be letting them down if I... what will they think if I... Some fears that come up during these times might be totally out of whack, this could be coming from past lives. We have the south node in Capricorn too and it is being squeezed by those two heavy planets Pluto and Saturn, we could be tuning into things from way back... witchhunts maybe??

Although Aries energy and Springtime can make us feel to charge ahead, I would really advise slowing down right now. Mars is working in harmony with Chiron our wounded healer, helping us to learn what we want our new story to be. Be gentle on yourself, allow the feelings to come and show what they want to show. If there is a restless flighty feeling, practice some grounding techniques like foot rubs (useful for children too as they are also feeling these movements).

Jupiter moving through Sagittarius is opening up the horizon for us to see new possibilities, we just have to explore a bit about where we are being too rigid, and what harm would it really cause to do things differently. Make new priorities for yourself that feel more balanced and feed your soul.

Happy New Moon and Happy Dreamweaving everyone!

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