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New Moon in Aries - Virtual Togetherness

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Tuesday 24th March 2020 - 9.28am GMT

Isn’t it crazy how life can take such a sharp turn in such a short space of time? The astrology around this New Moon feels so accurate its nuts! The Aries New Moon is activating a massive heal on all levels of our existence, and is being reflected by a virus which is currently sweeping through the entire world. Even if we’re not getting sick in our physical bodies, we will be feeling it on emotional, mental and even spiritual levels also. 

We are being forced to slow down, retreat, and be with ourselves. What a pace we had got up to, Phew! We were going so fast, doing, doing, and constantly fighting this thing called time. I’ve been thinking a lot about balance, being equinox and all that, and where I feel inferior or inadequate. I was out of balance and needed to come back to myself and apply some self care to lift myself out of the hole I had dug. Equinox feels like a good time in the wheel of the year to focus on our equilibrium and find that delicate balance between the opposing forces of masculine and feminine, action and non-action. If we want peace outside in the world, we must make sure these forces are in harmony within. Is it just a coincidence that this virus affects the lungs situated at our energetic heart? The balancing point between our lower fundamental chakras and higher spiritual chakras. There is no day without night, no low without high, no right without wrong. Corrective action can be taken starting with our own beliefs about what exactly needs to be fixed about ourselves.

The Aries New Moon conjunct Chiron ( the wounded healer ) is forming a T-Square to the moon’s nodes. This means that by acknowledging where we’ve hurt in the past and made progress, will be the driving force behind our reaching greater levels of emotional security. How interesting that we are being sent to retreat in our homes ( Cancer North Node ) and leave behind our sense of financial security ( Capricorn South Node ).  It is frightening to see the world changing at such a dramatic rate, things we took for granted suddenly becoming less available. Emotions are going to get very high, important that we honour our own process with this and each others. We are in this together.

There is a huge surge of energy pushing through Capricorn right now, putting enormous pressure on our Governments. It would be useful to remind ourselves they are probably shitting it as much as the rest of us, if not more! They are humans too. On a personal level, we are reclaiming our own sense of power. Where have we been giving it away? There is a connection between the events that happened around 6th January and now. Look for what is repeating itself. I found mine, and the details were spookily similar, except this time I made the informed choice to respond differently. Its important to remember that no one is taking our power from us, we can make our own choices and changes we need to without blaming or accusing others, especially those we actually love.

Its very beautiful to see many people setting up online communities and support groups. Now is the time to band together with your tribe and exchange those recipes, wisdoms, guidance. Be sure not to avoid your own needs though. I’m feeling that this month could be a chance to go deep and connect with the aspects of our inner child that need letting go of. Last night in meditation I saw a very stubborn and sulky version of my younger self, who i’m sure my parents remember well! I can’t see how this personal trait will be useful on my path ahead, so I will release, with compassion, through the form of journeying. Myself and my buddy PK set up a small community in London in 2017 and have been hosting groups for inner child healthcare. We will be resuming these groups online starting next week with a healing circle. Check out our website ( or Facebook page (moonpsycles) for more information.

The New Moon is also creating a blessed aspect to Venus in Taurus which will us get a better sense of value for our beautiful planet and all her resources. Again, we are being forced with the virus, to be more conscious about what we are consuming/wasting. Already the C02 levels have dropped dramatically and maybe this is a sign that we can turn things around. Less grabbing and more sharing would be good. A little bit of love and consideration for each other. Not one of us is perfect, and if you see someone freaking out, see if you can notice the frightened child in them playing out.

I sometimes like to check the Sabian symbol for New or Full Moon and this one blew me away a little. The Sabian symbols were created in 1950’s by Dane Rudhyar and Marc Edmund Jones and can be used as sort of divinatory tool like tarot or I Ching. There’s a different image and interpretation for all 360 degrees of the zodiac. This is part of the Interpretation for the New Moon degree in Aries. It says “ An interplay of bipolar energies (Balance) is needed to provide a sustained and dynamic “resonance” to any superior and encompassing form of life (Mother Nature). This may imply a temporary withdrawal from routine activity, i.e a “secluded” process. It is not, however, a closed process."  Does that make you feel it’s all orchestrated perfectly or what?

What a blessing technology is, serving us well as a way to come together, to ask for help and to share our knowledge. The world will never be the same again, but that might not be a bad thing given how much anxiety, illness, stress and greed was going on. Over the next few years we will be birthing a new reality based on what is truly important. When I look outside at the lush green land where I live, I feel rich. When I lay in my warm soft bed with my cats, I feel rich. When I talk with my loved ones on the phone, I feel rich. Counting blessings is a good way to feel more positive and attract more goodness towards you. If anyone feels like they are lacking in community right now, wherever you are in the world, please reach out. Everyone, every faith, every gender, every colour, every species is welcome with us at Moonpsycles. Heads up though, we are a bit nuts, so even though there is astrology, don’t except serious! 

Wishing everyone a safe and gentle month ahead. Remember that taking a daily walk in the park if you are not quarantined is a very healthy thing to do. Much love and blessings to you all.

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