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New Moon in Cancer - Home Coming

Monday 20th July 2020 6:33pm GMT

This sort of Blue Moon is living up to its name! Cancer season has surely been emotional. Now it seems like the universe wants to squeeze us a bit more by handing out a second New Moon in Cancer. Do you remember that Solstice Eclipse? Yep. That was the previous one. The healing procedure is it not often pleasant, and please know that the planetary energies are packing a full punch this month so will be full on. BUT some major work can be done, unless we run and hide that is! 

So the guidance i’m getting from the chart is about coming home to ourselves. Big shadows are being hi-lighted and wounds activated by the line up of Black Moon Lilith, Chiron and Mars in Aries. It is calling us out to look at out shit and giving us the power to unlock to a different door if we choose. Chiron is the key to what causes our suffering, but we don’t have to make it REAL or add to the trauma by resisting the changes that need to take place. Lilith and Mars have a more fierce energy and are sandwiching Chiron giving us the strength to toughen up and face the challenge. We are all getting challenged right now whether it be COVID-19, political, professional or personal. We need to get strong and move on. 

The recent lessons from Mercury Retrograde in Cancer will have prompted us to talk about our feelings in a more concise manner. Not easy for many of us, myself included, but we have to start somewhere and everything we do now has an impact for seven generations. Mercury, now moving forward is opposing Asteroid Vesta, Goddess of Fire and this combination will be lighting up the powerful healing potential in Aries. Vesta calls us to connect to the pure energy of all that is sacred and brings us home to our spiritual truth. This is the perfect time to deepen our commitment to prayer/practice/service and come home to a sense of purpose.

The New Moon is happening in exact opposition to Saturn in Capricorn. Cancer is inner and Capricorn outer, so we will be feeling the pull. Social/professional pressures and responsibilities against home and family. Its important we learn how to balance these two if we wish to recover any kind of simplicity and inner peace while still making things happen in the world. Nature will teach us how to relinquish control and surrender. She does not rush around, but she always gets it done, plentiful. It may feel like business is taking off again and life is going back to ‘normal’, but is that really what we want? How happy were we during lockdown? What have we learned about happiness, speed and needs? 

We may see stuff that isn't pretty, but don’t get seduced by what seems wrong with you or the world. Remember that intention follows attention, so focus on your positive traits; feed your light with even more light until you feel truly empowered. The past is out of our control, power is in the choices we make now.    

Peace, Power and Blessings to all.

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