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New Moon in Gemini - Seeing Yourself

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Monday 3rd June 11:02am GMT

BzzBzz! Are you feeling this New energy coming in? A bit 'in your face' I think - yeep!

It has been slightly challenging up to now, for some more than others, but that was really preparation for getting propelled into a life changing new direction.

If you have been doing the shadow work, exploring the wounds of your inner child and being truly honest with yourself, you should now be able to see beyond the illusions that past trauma creates. To witness who you REALLY are and what you are TOTALLY capable of. Karma works both ways, and It's time to get served!

Psychic Neptune is playing a big part in the energy of this New Moon, offering us the master key to our life purpose and highest potential. There is a reason you are woke at this time. Your gifts and power are being revealed to you more than ever.

Gemini is about learning, combined with such strong Neptune assistance, I would say we are learning to become the masters of ourselves. Forget what others are doing! What are you all about??

To tune into your own life purpose, meditate on what fills you with joy, what truly lights you up? There is a reason you are here on Planet Earth at this epic turning point in history. Trust your intuition and feel into what you're here to do. Set intentions and master that shit!

Mastery IS a Journey, NOT a destination. The journey must start somewhere. Now is a really good time to get moving.

Wishing everyone a powerfully lit New Lunar Cycle bursting with AHA moments and powerful new connections. Injoy people, and blessed be.

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