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New Moon in Gemini - Mental Cleanse

Friday 22nd May 2020 6:39pm GMT

We have a fair old bit of Air energy going on at the moment, but with 4 planets in retrograde it can create some restlessness. We tend to be more in our head than in our heart with Gemini unless we keep them consciously connected. With so much information being shared on a daily basis we can easily become overloaded and feel like our brains will explode! Luckily, Saturn retrograde in Aquarius will be positively impacting the New Lunar Cycle. Are you noticing how much time you spend on your devices? This could be the month to apply some self discipline to pull back and learn a bit more about what is going on inside of you and turn your focus away from the external mayhem.

When we have a lot of retrogrades going on, it can be a waste of energy keep pushing big ideas. Refining smaller details will result in more successful progress later down the line. I can see lockdown has gone out the window in London and that restless energy is now breaking out! I don't feel like we are ready to come out of retreat yet. There needs to be more time for recuperation, remembering what our dreams are and restoring ourselves to a better balance. The Saturn effect on this New Moon will be useful for those open to slowing down. Saturn is our friend if we want to do the work, but his restrictive nature will put the breaks on in other ways when we don't listen, and as the great teacher planet, he won't stop until we learn.

The number 2 appears many times in the chart for this New Moon, and the Gemini twins, it got me wondering how we could be learning about our relationship with the other side of ourselves. When I say the 'other side' I mean the spirit side, some might say our higher self or infinite self. Our highly charged, ego mind does the day to day driving us around, but we also have our inner spirit which is directly connected to the universal consciousness of all that is. It is possible for these two to have a functioning relationship and for communication to flow between them. In order for this to happen, the mind has to be quiet so that the 'other' can get a word in. I'm sure we all know a friend or relative we can compare to! Its not easy to quiet the mind when there is so much stimulation everywhere. Perhaps we could honour ourselves with a certain amount of meditation a day? Or dedicate a day in the week where we completely unplug? These are the type of healthy disciplines Saturn energy can help us with.

Venus and Mercury are all cuddled up at the other end of Gemini at 20 degrees forming an exact square to Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is very sensitive and it can make us want to escape when things feel intense. With all this restless energy, the escape route becomes very inviting and we can find ourselves doing it without even realising. Its not just drugs or drink that fall into to the Neptunian dodge category. We can also avoid by over exercising, over eating, over working, or spending loads of time dreaming. Neptune has that dreamy quality and rules our imagination, so this can be a very creative time if used effectively. It can of course make things more painful if we are dreaming up the worse case scenarios.

The month ahead is a really good time to clear our energy, be present and become conscious of how we communicate. Breaking through the noise of the mind with regular mediation can allow in the higher vibrational energy that wants to connect. Be open to the messages and synchronicity flooding in. This would also be a good time to clean up any misunderstandings and clear the air after disagreements. This is not the time to be right, its surprising how well things get resolved when we allow all sides to have value. Something else to be aware of is that Mercury will be turning retrograde near the end of this cycle, meaning its shadow period begins in a couple weeks. Communication can be more challenging when Mercury goes into the shadows, so a slower approach is beneficial.

It's time to begin cleansing our minds. I love to work with the Birch tree for this, weaving through her flexible branches, especially when they are coated with the morning dew. My head feels soothed and refreshed by her energy. If we can release ourselves from the mental habits we are used to, we can acquire a beginners mind and see as if for the first time. We can remain open to learning and discovering that nothing is permanent. Who is your spouse or partner today? Can you see them with fresh eyes? Who is looking back in the mirror at you? This can be the return of a second innocence, one born out of wisdom, not naivety.

I recommend working with the Air element for this cycle. Use it to create smudging ceremonies for yourself, practice the art of listening and try new ways of communicating. The best crystals associated with the mind are Lapis Lazuli (helps the nervous system), Celestite (for peace and mental detox) and Sodalite (reduces electromagnetic stress). Gemini is the eternal student, so this is a great period for learning and there is no better subject to understand than ourselves. Wishing everyone a month of insight, clarity and creative thinking.

Blessed Be!

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