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New Moon in Leo - Creative Confidence

19th August 2020 03:41am GMT

Goodness gracious! Great trine of fire happening with this New Moon. Expect a nice surge of creative confidence. Sun moving through Leo has got us out of the emotional whirlpool of Cancer season and into our strength and personal power. There has been a growing essence of bravery and integrity leading up to this new cycle. Self expression, creativity, love and strength are expanding right now, even beneath the tough times.

Mercury will be adding its qualities to this New Moon. Mercury rules communication, learning and travel. He is represented by Hermes, the winged messenger who brings guidance from the gods. Inspiration and insight can be heightened, giving us a dose of motivation towards goals set at the beginning of the year. Mercury in Leo thinks creatively and speaks with confidence from the heart. To stand firm and proud in your truth doesn’t need to squash or belittle others. We can be an inspiration to each other when we stick to our own path. Agreeing to things that don’t feel aligned with our truth will carry a lower frequency, especially if we feel we have been pressured, which will eventually turn sour. Its time to be ok with saying NO!

Mars in Aries is slowing down to go retrograde in early September, but still Mars is full power in his home sign and creating a positive aspect to the New Moon and also the Moon’s nodes. Mars is giving us an extra boost of warrior energy to confront any doubts about our capability and put our fears behind us. This will help us ground our new ideas and formulate something relevant for the current times and unprecedented future.

The nodes of the moon have recently moved into the Gemini/Sagittarius axis which means we are now learning how to be the observer and how to adapt to any changes in our environment. I feel a new sort of education brewing and as with anything new, the trial and error process needs to occur. Gemini is a mutable Air sign which means it is light and versatile. It will make us challenge our old ways of thinking and the philosophies which have been passed down for centuries. The New Moon, Mercury and Mars are creating a kite formation with the nodes, giving us a push in the right direction.

Other news is Uranus going retrograde. Another planetary energy supporting more personal freedom. The first of the Mars/Pluto squaring has recently happened which may of presented confrontation of some sort. Uranus is inviting us not to give up hope, but to use these obstacles to free ourselves from the past and move towards our future vision. Many of us entered 2020 with big ideas, little did we know what would be going down on the world stage. The extra time has been a blessing to learn more and refine our ideas. This Uranus retrograde combined with the Leo/Mercury New Moon will get us more inventive, provided we move our focus away from what has disappointed in some way. 

Making a vision board to assist any New Moon Magic would be a cool thing to do. Get creative, stand firm in your truth and keep your heart open knowing that your goals are supported when intentions are pure. But most of all, remember to have fun! 

Blessed Be!  

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