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New Moon in Libra - Love Lessons

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Saturday 28th September 07:26pm GMT

The symbol for Libra is reminiscent of the scales, appropriate since the main concern for this sign is balance. The Sun enters Libra each year around the Equinox which also fits well. 

The Libra vibes started around mid September when ruling planet Venus moved in and pumped everything up. I have been noticing many healing themes around relationship dynamics, especially for those of us born with Pluto in Libra (1971-1984). There is lots of Karma up for review at this time. I made a video for YouTube about this subject for anyone who’s experiencing shifts through relationships right now. 

The New Moon will be happening at 5 degrees Libra opposite Chiron which brings even more emphasis to this healing gateway. Healing through relationship doesn’t just mean love and marriage, it can be a relationship to your boss, your friends, your flatmate, but honestly, everything is comes down to your relationship to yourself. 

Venus is forming a T-square to the moons nodes all week, helping us focus on how to achieve emotional security and harmony in our relationships. The best way to see yourself is by watching how you behave around others, and what sort of thought patterns start spinning. 

The kickass teacher of all the planets, Saturn will be exactly conjunct the south node of the moon in Capricorn showing us the karma we have been playing out and assisting us to change it. Not always easy! However, with self awareness it can be done. It's not a speedy process, it requires patience and that you constantly forgive yourself when them old patterns pop back up.  

It is possible to create peace and freedom in our relationships through constant awareness. Love does not have needs and demands, that is not love. It is our wounded self looking for acceptance, validation, approval etc. I would imagine there are few people who have achieved a state of freedom where you no longer crave love from another. Looks very appealing to me. Does it seem possible that true love is actually felt from being completely alone? No longer needing to impress or to rely on another for happiness. Freedom lies not in our external circumstances, freedom lies within our own hearts. 

This is the perfect time for a good old clear out, in your home and your heart. As autumn sets in, its not just the trees who regenerate, we should let stuff die too. The Robin reminds us that in order to grow, we must clean the house beforehand. Let go of attachments and emotional addictions that no longer serve and allow joy and happiness to fill our lives. 

Something to meditate on for your New Moon intentions. What would a more balanced life look like to you? How can you create more space in your heart? What are you dependant on for happiness? 

This is such a lush time of year, all the warm colours and dramatic sunsets. Wishing everyone a beautiful lunar cycle full of balance and harmony. May you find joy in the connection with all our relations... not just the ones you fancy! Hehe!

Blessed Be!  

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