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New Moon in Libra - Truth Quest

Friday 16th October 2020 8:31pm GMT

This super-duper New Moon is leading us up to a powerful culmination at Samhain/Halloween. Libra wants harmony, peace and justice in the world. It is the bridge builder and the sign which likes to find beauty in everything. This zodiac sign is the perfect school to help mend the strong divide happening in humanity. It has the ability to see both sides in a debate, a good tool for finding empathy and understanding for those living in fear right now.

The planets are forming some hard aspects to each other up there. Oppositions and squares will be adding to the indecisive nature of Libra. The frustration of Mars retrograde, who is opposing this New Moon, might try to stifle our goals and intentions. We will need some of that Capricorn power and discipline in order to get things moving, but when we do, real shit can get done. When we feel passionate to change something in the world, we must first look inside at what needs to change about us. How have we been responding to the injustice we see? How can we adjust our responses so that our message gets heard? Capricorn rules our earthly foundations, both inside and out. The external foundations are clearly crumbling, and they will not get fixed until we individually transform our own inner world. 

Mercury has just turned retrograde in Scorpio and will stay in the shadows for this entire lunar cycle. When Mercury turns its attention inward we get the chance to really learn about ourselves. This particular retrograde happened in harmonious aspect to the Moon and Venus so if we are open to accept our gifts we can really grow during this spell.

The other big happening for this New Moon is a grand cross involving the Moons Nodes. The nodes show the direction in which we should be moving. They are currently on the educational axis Gemini/Sagittarius. We are in the process of questioning the ’truths’ we’ve been fed and finding our own truth from personal experiences. We’ve got over a year of educating ourselves before the nodes change signs again. I see so many people discovering and opening up to new concepts, medicines and teachings, especially when it comes to emotional healing and energy. We should take our time during this period to absorb and integrate as much as we need to. We will know when the time comes to share what we have with the world.

Venus and Neptune are the other players in this grand cross. The Venus in Virgo is looking at practical earthly values. It wants to make and create useful things that can be of service to the world. Neptune, with its idealistic nature is fuelling this love for the planet even more, but can lead us to despair unless we loosen our expectations a bit. This whole period is an opportunity to sink into our own personal truth and values. Have you noticed your beliefs beginning to stabilise? What has changed for you? Do you feel more confident to express your truth? Or no longer feel the need? There is no point trying to impose your truth on anyone else. Its totally cool when you meet people who think the same, but judging and preaching when they don't only has an adverse effect. Leading by example and keeping your own vibration high by remaining in your own truth is the best way.   

This bears repeating. The peace and harmony you want to see in the world needs to exist within yourself first. Find some intentions that encourage self love and rid yourself of some pain. I hope this New Moon gives you a loving drive towards inner peace, and as she grows to be full, may our hearts expand with her.

Love and moon blessings all round.

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