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New Moon in Pisces - Dream Time

Saturday 13th March 2021 - 10:21am GMT

Sensitivity, imagination, spirituality and empathy are heightened during this New Moon. Pisces is a mutable water sign which pulls us to swim the cosmic lakes and streams of emotion and intuition. This permeable lunar mood can leave us feeling delicate and vulnerable. As our hearts soften with compassion, be sure to give yourself plenty of meditation time and direct some of that heartfelt consideration towards yourself too.

The New Moon is accompanied by its ruling planet Neptune and Venus which amplifies our capacity to love even more. Highly attuned sensitivity can be expressed creatively or through spiritual/mystical practice, but be mindful of slipping into fantasy-land. We can consciously daydream an answer to our problems, or drift into an escapist mindset under this influencing energy.

This is a great time to connect with your personal spirituality. Follow your intuition towards what feels right, and where you feel most peace. All this beautiful creative power can be used to apply more ritual to your life, however that looks for you. Spirituality is about feeling connected to life. Where do you feel most aligned? Is it in silence, or with others, or with animals? Is it by the sea, in a field or simply with a cup of tea? Use this moon to drop into your heart and let it remind you of where you feel most alive.

Pisces being infinite consciousness, and also chaos, so for highly sensitive souls, it is important to go gently. We can easily get sucked into the Piscean traits of addiction, escapism and denial under this moon, try to find ways to protect or strengthen your energy field instead of running away. This can also be a very emotional time. Remember the symbol of Pisces as two fish swimming in different directions, and acknowledge both the hurt and what felt good to avoid wallowing in a state of self-pity.

As guilt and forgiveness are increased under this moon, perhaps we can work directly on ourselves to let go of some stuff. If we can apply the loving qualities of Neptune and Venus to our own shame and remorse, we will then find it easier to be kind to others. With the New Moon in a supporting aspect to Pluto we can dive deep, investigate and search for what is missing in our lives. This is the perfect time to listen for clues in dreams and converse with tarot cards or other divination tools.

Where will your intentions take you this month? Are they coming from your heart or your head? May your imagination be open and flowing with possibilities for positive change. Wishing everyone an inspired new cycle full of love and forgiveness. Let peace lead the way.

Blessed be.

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