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New Moon in Pisces - Cosmic Dreamweaving

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Wednesday 6th March 4:04pm GMT

If you thought last month was full of spooky synchronicities, prepare to get your mind blown by this cosmically charged New Lunar month! 

With Pisces there are no limits. It is where we connect to the universal flow that moves all life. Deep, watery planet Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, will be tightly joined to this New Moon bringing extra otherworldly action to the coming weeks.

That cheeky fella Mercury will be turning to go retrograde, also in Pisces, on the same day as the New Moon! We could find ourselves getting lost in our thoughts, or more accurately, our imagination. The Imagination plays an important role in what we manifest in this material world. During this retrograde spell, pay close attention to how you are using this mental function. How often do you imagine the worst outcome? How much of your time is spent in fantasy land compared to the natural world? Do you nurture your imagination creatively?

I really feel like this is the time where all the hard work we put into our dreams will begin to manifest... provided we don't block it with negative thinking! We have Mars, planet of action and beginnings, in earthly, material Taurus and Saturn in its home sign of career driven Capricorn, both in harmonious aspect to the New Moon, really grounding all this dreamy Pisces stuff. This is real manifestation energy guys! Lets make those dreams a reality. 

It would be my advice to give yourself 10 miracle minutes a day imagining receiving lots of gifts, or massage, or healing, whatever you need right now and just saying "thank you" with a smile. 

Oh, and a little heads up too, Pisces is incredibly sensitive and caring so we may feel more emotional and empathic than usual. Be careful not to get carried along by emotional waves, and remember to check in with what feels right for you at this time. 

In other Astro-News, unpredictable Uranus makes his final move into Taurus exactly on the New Moon! Weird. He will be shaking things up on planet earth for the next 8 years! Taurus rules agriculture, money, the senses, our bodies, our voice. Expect big changes in these areas, I feel a revolution rising. 

Wishing everyone an abundant new Lunar month, be kind to yourselves and each other.

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